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Watch Chopped Junior Online: Live Stream & Full Episodes

Chopped Junior is a spin-off of the popular series Chopped, where kid chefs race to create meals with preset ingredients. Watch Chopped Junior online now.

Chopped Junior is a reality series that features seriously skilled young chefs. The show is a spin-off series of the Food Network staple, Chopped. Four young chefs are given mystery baskets that contain items they must cook with through three high-pressure rounds. At the end of each round, one of the chefs will be eliminated. Ready to watch Chopped Junior online? Keep reading to learn how.

The pint-sized chefs must prepare an appetizer, entree, and dessert for a panel of judges that include celebrated celebrity chefs like Alex Guarnaschelli, Geoffrey Zakarian, and Scott Conant. Chopped Junior airs on Food Network and will be back for a new season on April 26 at 8 p.m. ET. If you don’t have cable, there are still plenty of ways to watch Chopped Junior full episodes online.


Watch the Chopped Junior Live Stream on Sling TV

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Watch the Chopped Junior Live Stream on PlayStation Vue

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Other Ways to Watch Chopped Junior Online

Buying episodes of your favorite shows is another option. It’s great because you own your episodes so they are yours for life. The only difficulty is that you’re paying for each individual episode and that’s going to be more expensive than a subscription service, which offers hundreds of shows for one low price. If you want to buy your shows, the best option is to buy the season pass, as that will ensure you get the lowest price possible, and not have to pay more for the same content.

  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon always has great deals on digital video content. Single episodes cost $2, but you can get them cheaper if you buy the season pass. You can watch episodes on most devices, and you receive new episodes in your video library as soon as the day after they air on TV.
  • Vudu: Vudu also offers single episodes at $2. You can watch on most devices from any location. Season passes are usually available. New episodes are delivered within 24-hours.
  • iTunes: With iTunes you can watch your videos on any Apple device. New episodes are around $3 unless you pick the season pass. New episodes arrive as soon as the next day.

Although there aren’t many legal ways to watch Chopped Junior online free, as you can see there are plenty of low cost options to watch Chopped Junior online. If you have any questions just leave us a comment. Also be sure to visit our other guides for excellent advice on how to watch TV online. And, if you’re in the market for a new Internet service provider, our ISP search tool can give you the best deals for cord cutters.

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