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Watch Car Hunters Online: Full Episodes and More

History Channel's series Car Hunters follows car buyers as they search for their perfect car and airs April 26 at 10PM ET. Learn to watch Car Hunters online

Everyone wants that perfect car — the vehicle that screams who they are and what they want from the world. The History Channel’s newest series, Car Hunters, highlights this exact thing as individuals search throughout the nation for the perfect ride. Are you interested in learning how to watch Car Hunters online? Then continue reading!

Premiering on April 26 at 10 p.m. ET, Car Hunters will take us along for the ride with the hosts as they scour America for the perfect ride. Every episode will go into what makes a dream car and the process one must go into to get it. It is the perfect show for the car enthusiast.


Watch the Car Hunters Live Stream on Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

We constantly recommend Sling TV for good reasons, and if you’d like to watch the Car Hunters live stream, then Sling TV is the best option. Sling TV is the only live cable channel streaming service that works on every device you own. They even recently added a local news and weather channel to their basic package so you can know when you can go out and work on your car before you watch Car Hunters online live with Sling TV’s live History Channel stream. For just $20 per month, the basic package also comes with a rotating selection of on-demand episodes. You can even use their 7-day free trial to check out the service before using it as your main Car Hunters streaming service.

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To learn more about all that Sling TV has to offer, check out the full Sling TV review, and then sign up for the free 7-day trial.


Watch Car Hunters Online with Hulu

$39.99 - $43.99

While watching the Car Hunters live stream is the best option, you might not always be able to see the series as it airs on the History Channel. For those times, you can watch Car Hunters online free of cable with Hulu. Hulu lets you watch Car Hunters full episodes after they air (usually 8 days after) on History on just about every device out there. You can either watch for free or pay a small fee to watch with limited commercial interruptions or go ad free ($7.99 and a $11.99 a month respectively). You can even use their 7-day trial to see if the service meets your car show needs as well.

Learn more about the service here.

Other Car Hunters Streaming Sites

If you cannot use either Sling TV or Hulu, you can still watch Car Hunters online. You will have to pay more to use these sites, but they are there if you need them

  • Amazon Instant Video – Amazon Instant Video lets you watch Car Hunters full episodes a day after they air on History Channel. While more expensive than Hulu for the same deal, Amazon lets you own the episodes you buy so you can watch then whenever you want.
  • Vudu – Vudu is another Car Hunters streaming site. Similar to Amazon, Vudu also lets you watch Car Hunters full episodes a day after they air.
  • iTunes and Google Play – If all else fails, you can watch Car Hunters online via your mobile device.

As you can see, it isn’t impossible to watch Car Hunters online, even without a cable package. Interested in finding more of your favorite shows online? Use our online search tool. Just make sure you use our ISP search tool to find great internet deals you can use to watch them.

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