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Watch Binge Thinking Online: Live Stream, Full Episodes

Do you think people actually get smarter when they're drunk? This show is testing that hypothesis... Here's how you can watch Binge Thinking online.

MTV is debuting Binge Thinking, a new game show aimed at answering the all-important question: are you smarter after a few drinks? YouTube star/rapper Mac Lethal and Amber Diamond are teaming up as hosts, and will hit a different city every week, enlisting unsuspecting contestants for this spontaneous game show-pub crawl hybrid. You don’t want to miss this rambunctious, anything-goes show: Binge Thinking premieres April 1 at 11:30 p.m. ET on MTV. Below is a guide for where to watch Binge Thinking online!

Join Mac and Amber for the ultimate pub crawl: watch Binge Thinking full episodes and get Binge Thinking streaming without an expensive cable package. We hope this guide is helpful!


PlayStation Vue Offers Options to Watch Binge Thinking Streaming

Best Choice
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is one of the best services out there for streaming cable channels. It includes live streaming of cable channels in its packages, including MTV, so you get a Binge Thinking LIVE stream. The basic package starts at $29.99 a month and includes over 50 premium cable channels.

One limitation of Vue is that live local channels such as NBC, ABC, FOX, and CBS, are not available for live streaming unless you live in one of seven cities. These channels have live streaming through Vue in Chicago, New York, Dallas, Miami, L.A., San Francisco, and Philadelphia. Elsewhere in the nation, they are still available, but only for next-day streaming.

Vue also acts as a DVR, letting you record your favorite shows and watch them later. To watch Binge Thinking online, it’s a great solution. Vue streams to PS3 or PS4, iPad, Amazon Fire TV devices and Chromecast (note that it streams to your home location and has limited on-the-go availability).

It’s a worthwhile option to consider as opposed to buying or continuing to pay for a more expensive cable package that includes exactly the same channels. Check out our full Vue review for more details, or go ahead and sign up for their free trial now.


More Legal Ways to Watch Binge Thinking Online

You can also get Binge Thinking full episodes from some more traditional destinations. These unfortunately don’t include a Binge Thinking live stream, and ultimately cost almost the same as PlayStation Vue while offering access only to Binge Thinking streaming instead of Vue’s full set of channels. The subscription streaming service is the closest option to watch Binge Thinking online free, since it offers so much other value, but below are easy ways to get access to specific episodes.

  • Amazon Instant Video: With Amazon Instant, you get the content for life, and Amazon has the episodes available to buy a day after airing on MTV. Episodes cost $2-$3 per episode, so this is an easy way to watch Binge Thinking online. Keep in mind the discounted Season Pass that will give you access to all episodes of Binge Thinking for a lower per-episode price, and will add new episodes to your account as soon as they become available.
  • Vudu: Vudu is a similar service for letting you watch Binge Thinking online. Full episodes are available to buy a day after airing on TV. They generally cost $2-$3 as well. With Vudu as with Amazon, the discounted season pass is a better value.
  • iTunes: The standard, you’re probably already familiar with this, which is set up in the same way as Amazon and Vudu. Episodes of Binge Thinking become available a day or two after air-date, and you can buy them for a preset per-episode cost. The advantage, as with Amazon and Vudu, is that you do own the content for life.

If anything is unclear about any of these options, or you’re curious about even more destinations to watch Binge Thinking online, just drop us a comment below! We’re happy to explain and provide further details. Know that you can also utilize our Search Tool to find complete options for Binge Thinking streaming, or streaming of any of your other favorite shows.


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