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Watch Band of Brothers Online: Watch Full Episodes

Want to watch Band of Brothers online? We'll show you how. Enjoy HBO's classic military miniseries online, without a cable subscription! 

Band of Brothers was a groundbreaking series following a battalion during World War II. The group of soldiers is followed from initial boot camp and training all the way through the ending of the war. The show received incredibly high praise not just on the superb acting, but the gritty realism it showed in some of the most exciting scenes. If you want to watch Band of Brothers online, you are in luck, because there are now multiple ways to legally watch the entire series.

Whether you have seen all of the episodes or just want to watch the series all over again we have provided a detail guide below with all of your options. You will find you can watch Band of Brothers online and get some other seriously great perks with some of the subscriptions. Below, you will find all of the options available to you!

Sign Up for Amazon Prime to Watch Band of Brothers Online

Best Choice

If you are looking for the easiest and cheapest way to watch Band of Brothers online, Amazon Prime is your answer. Right now, you can subscribe to Amazon Prime and not just watch Band of Brothers full episodes, but receive free 2-day shipping, access to free Kindle books, and a huge music streaming library as well. It is basically like watching Band of Brothers online free considering the $99 per year cost of Amazon Prime easily covers the other perks.

Yes, that’s right – all of that only costs $99 for the entire year. That averages out to only about $8 per month for all of the above features. By the way, the service to watch Band of Brothers online, Amazon Instant Video, features a massive amount of other content as well. TV shows from HBO, FX, and shows Amazon created itself, which have already garnered high praise and awards. Popular movies including new hits and classics are available as well. Read more about the service in our Amazon Prime Instant Video review.

The best part about Amazon Prime is the free 30-day trial available. It gives you the ability to not just watch tons of shows and movies, but also benefit from the free 2-day shipping for a month. I did it around the holidays this year and ended up loving the service so much I signed up for the annual subscription. You’ll be surprised how convenient it is and also how great the programming is on Amazon Instant Video. Plus, it’s an easy way to watch Band of Brothers online free for the next month.

Try a free trial now and enjoy your free month of Prime!


Sling TV- An Easy Way to Watch Live TV and Band of Brothers Online

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is another great option out there to watch Band of Brothers online. The best part about Sling TV is not only can you watch on-demand shows, but you can watch tons of live TV including your favorite shows and sports. You can check out our full Sling TV review or read on for some of the key highlights.

The basic package includes more than 20 cable channels and costs only $20 per month. Channels in the package include TNT, TBS, ESPN, ESPN2, AMC, and A&E. The way you can watch Band of Brothers full episodes is by adding HBO to your subscription. HBO costs an additional $15 per month and gives you full access to watching HBO’s channels live. In addition, you gain the ability to watch all of the on-demand content featured on HBO’s library. You can watch old and new shows alike with Sling TV and HBO, making Sling one of the better services out there for watching HBO online.

All of the Sling TV channels and HBO programming can be viewed on your phone, tablet, computer, or even your TV by using a connected device like a Roku or Chromecast. If Sling TV sounds like something you would like to try, you are in luck because Sling TV offers a free 7-day trial.

After the trial or if you are convinced Sling TV will work great for you then check out the limited-time offer available at the moment. With a three-month subscription to Sling TV you receive a Roku 2 absolutely free. To simplify the deal, you spend $60 and get three months of Sling TV AND the Roku 2, which retails at $69.99. Sites like CNET even say the Roku 2 is a better value than the Roku 3, since it is just as fast at a lower cost. Overall, Sling TV would be an easy option to not just watch tons of live TV, but also watch Band of Brothers full episodes online.

Subscribe to HBO NOW and Watch Band of Brothers Full Episodes Online

Also Great

One other way to watch HBO shows online is to subscribe to HBO NOW. It is a standalone streaming service from HBO, so you don’t need a cable or Sling TV subscription to access it like you would with HBO GO. All of HBO’s on-demand content is viewable meaning you can easily watch Band of Brothers online. HBO NOW does not offer a live stream of HBO’s channels, but you can watch all of the shows once they premier on TV. The content is constantly updated and normally the shows are posted as they are airing. HBO NOW costs $15 per month and does not require any form of contract, so you can cancel at any time. The service is compatible with iOS devices, Roku, and Chromecast.

Watch All of Your Favorite Shows Online

It is probably surprising to find out how easy it is to watch Band of Brothers full episodes online even though the series ended a while ago. Well, if you are looking for other shows to watch including shows currently airing, check out our TV show streaming guide to find out all of the ways you can watch your favorite shows online.

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