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Watch 24: Legacy Online: Live Stream Without Cable and More

Do you want to watch 24: Legacy online after it premieres on FOX? Check out our guide to watch the 24: Legacy live stream and on demand.

Premiering after the big game between the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons is the newest installment of the 24 universe. On Sunday, February 5 at 10 p.m. ET and again on Monday, February 6, you can watch 24: Legacy online even if you don’t have cable. How, you ask? Let’s take a closer look.

The 24: Legacy live stream takes the concept of the original 24 and adds a new hero who steps into the shoes of Jack Bauer. Sargent Eric Carter, played by Corey Hawkins, becomes embroiled after killing a terrorist leader. Now, he has 24 hours to figure everything out. While the basic premise is the same, the action is all new.

Here’s how to tune in and watch 24: Legacy online legally when it airs on FOX after the big game.


Watch the 24: Legacy Live Stream on DIRECTV NOW

Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

The newest service to enter the streaming market is DIRECTV NOW from AT&T. Unlike its satellite service, this one doesn’t need a satellite hook up to work, just a high speed internet connection. Everything is streaming online, including the 24: Legacy live stream on FOX.

FOX is available live in selection markets and on-demand nationwide. The DIRECTV NOW basic package starts at $35 per month and offers over 60 networks streaming. Check out the details to see which package is best for you to stream 24: Legacy online.

Here is our review of DIRECTV NOW for more information.

The service is still adding features and devices. What streaming devices it doesn’t have yet, we expect them to add over time. One of the most notable features is their guide that resembles the grid-style guide from traditional satellite and cable companies. It makes the process of cutting the cord more comfortable for many people.

They also regularly run deals on streaming devices if you prepay for service. Click to see latest offers.

Try a FREE 7-day trial of DIRECTV NOW to watch 24: Legacy online free and see for yourself.


Stream 24: Legacy on Sling TV

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is the streaming option from Dish Network. It has been on the market for a while and it considered affordable and accessible. FOX, and 24: Legacy streaming, is available live in select markets and on demand across the country. This is part of Sling TV’s Sling Blue package. The package also offers regional FOX Sports networks, depending on location. You can also stream your favorites on AMC, BBC America, and Syfy – all networks that are often difficult to find if you cut the cord.

Sling Blue is $25 per month and the service offers the ability to watch multiple simultaneous streams. You can watch at home or on your mobile device while on the go.

It works with popular streaming devices like:

It also streams on your mobile devices and computer. Click the links for Roku and Apple above to see what special promotions Sling TV is running today.

You can watch the 24: Legacy, and other live FOX programming, in Atlanta, Austin, Charlotte, Detroit, Houston, LA, Minneapolis, New York, D.C. and more! Check the site for more details. And read our review here.

Sign up for a FREE 7-day trial of Sling TV to watch 24: Legacy online free when it premiers.



Watch 24: Legacy Streaming Live with PlayStation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is the streaming service from Sony and, while there are a lot of similarities, there are a few differences between it and its competitors. But like the other two streaming options, FOX can be watched in select cities around the country so you can stream 24: Legacy online.

PlayStation Vue starts as low as $29.99 per month in markets without live local networks. If you’re in those cities, the service is $39.99 per month.

Live local channels, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX, are available in 7 cities:

  • Chicago
  • New York
  • Dallas
  • Miami
  • San Francisco
  • Philadelphia
  • Los Angeles

The service is currently only available on PS3/PS4, iOS and Android devices, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and Chromecast. They do not offer Apple TV support at this time.

But the biggest difference between Vue and its competition is the limitation on mobile viewing. Your service is tied to your home location, so you can’t watch 24: Legacy streaming away from home. Viewing is restricted, even with the mobile app.

Read our review of PlayStation Vue here.


Is 24: Legacy on Hulu?

Also Great
$39.99 - $43.99

You can stream 24: Legacy on Hulu once it airs. Hulu is an on-demand service, so new shows don’t appear on the site until a day or so after the air date. With it, you’ll be able to watch 24: Legacy full episodes at your own convenience. Hulu usually keeps about 5 to 8 episodes online at a time, so you can keep up without falling too far behind.

Hulu offers a lot more than just 24: Legacy full episodes after they air. They have new shows from both pay TV and broadcast networks, including FOX, ABC, and NBC. They also have a huge library of past shows, international hits, and original series.

Hulu is just $7.99 per month with limited commercials. Or, you could choose to pay $11.99 and avoid advertising all together. Read our review to learn more.

Start with a FREE 7-day trial of Hulu and watch 24: Legacy online free.


Is 24: Legacy on Amazon Prime?

Also Great

After it premiers, 24: Legacy streaming will be available on Amazon Instant Video. You won’t be able to watch 24: Legacy online free with Prime, but you can purchase it by the episode or for a discounted season pass. This isn’t as great a value as the streaming services, but it can be good in certain circumstances.

Plus, Amazon Prime is great for a lot of other reasons. You get a vast library of current and past TV shows and movies, including the HBO catalog of favorites like The Sopranos and Deadwood. Many Prime customers are most excited about the free 2-day shipping on tons of items from the site. If you shop online at all, Prime will pay for itself quickly.

You can also elect to add-on premium video subscriptions, like Showtime or Prime.

Here is our review to see more.

Try Amazon Prime FREE for 30 days.


Is 24: Legacy on Netflix?

Also Great

Many FOX shows do appear on Netflix after some time, but the nature of the service means you won’t be able to stream 24: Legacy any time soon. The pattern we’ve noticed is that the new season will usually appear about a year after the show’s premier. So, for example, if 24: Legacy is renewed and will air again next season, the first season will appear on Netflix about a year or so from now. Though, even if it isn’t for any reason, we expect the show will appear on Netflix around that time frame.

What makes Netflix so great is their amazing catalog and the ability to binge watch shows without having to wait until a new episode appears. This is especially true with their original series like Stranger Things and The OA.

Read our review.

You pay month to month and there are three tiers of subscriptions. Visit Netflix to learn more.


Watch 24: Legacy Online Free with a Digital Antenna and DVR

Since FOX is a broadcast network, we want to make sure you also know one more option. You can stream 24: Legacy over the air with a digital antenna. These new antennas have come a long way from the ones we remember from the 1950s to 1970s. They are more reliable and unobtrusive. If you live in a FOX broadcast area, you can hook it up and watch 24: Legacy streaming in no time. Here is our buying guide to learn more about your options.

Plus, you can pair it with a cool piece of technology called an over-the-air DVR. This device allows you to record your favorite shows over the air. Or, you can connect it to another device and watch the 24: Legacy live stream right when it airs even if you’re away from home.

That is what we know about how to watch 24: Legacy online without cable. To learn more about your favorite shows, search for them here. And, the most important tool for cord cutters is a strong high speed internet connection. Search for ISP providers and deals in your area here.

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