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How to Watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV

If you're a Sling TV user you might be interested in learning how to watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV. That's what this guide is all about.


Sling TV was the first live stream service released and it’s still the cheapest. With Sling TV you can watch anywhere from 30 to over 100 channels in packages that start at just $20/month. Sling TV differs from a lot of other streaming services because they offer smaller base packages at a cheaper price. This means that if you want just the channels you have, you get a great deal. They also offer a variety of bundle packages, which you can order starting at $5/month, so you can build your package up if you want. Sling TV works on a wide variety of devices and that’s what this article is all about. We’re about to discuss how to watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV.

Whether you’re new to Sling TV or Amazon Fire TV (or both), if you need to know how to watch Sling TV on Fire TV this will tell you how. By the end of this guide, you’ll be all set and you’ll be watching Sling TV on Fire TV!


Step 1 – Sign Up for Sling TV

The very first step to watching Sling TV on Fire TV is to make sure you’re a Sling TV member. Go to the Sling TV website on your computer and sign up for an account. Obviously, if you’re already a Sling TV member you can skip this step. If not, your membership will start with a free 7-day trial. If you have any questions, or want to know more about Sling TV, you can check our Sling TV review.


Step 2 – Visit the Amazon Fire TV Home Page and Search for Sling TV

Now it’s time to open the Amazon Fire TV home page. If you want to watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV, you’re going to need to install Sling TV on your Amazon Fire TV. In the upper-left side of the screen, in the corner you’ll find a search icon. Use the search engine to find the Sling TV app. This is as simple as typing in, “Sling TV.”


Step 3 – Find Sling TV and Begin the Install

As you put in what you’re searching for you’ll find suggestions listed below. Choose Sling TV to go to the Sling TV page. Next, you’ll want to click Download. It may take a minute for the app to properly download and then install.


Step 4 – Open and Enjoy

Once the Sling TV app has downloaded you’ll see the Download and Installation button now read Open instead. That means it’s ready. You’ll notice that if for some reason you haven’t signed up for Sling TV yet, that you’ll be able to do it through the app. If you have signed up, you’ll just choose Sign In and you’ll be taken to your account.

Once you’re in you’ll be able to watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV and you’ll have access to your complete account from your channels to your limited on-demand library. The only thing left for you to do is to pick something from your guide and sit back and relax!

As you can see, it really is simple to watch Sling TV on Amazon Fire TV. If you have any questions you can use our comment section.

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