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Pure Flix Review: Watch Christian Movies, TV Shows and More

Looking for family friendly, wholesome entertainment? Read how Pure Flix can help you watch free Christian movies & TV shows in our Pure Flix review. 

Within the last few years on-demand streaming services have rapidly become popular. The only hang up for many people of faith is the quality of the content. Pure Flix was created to solve this problem by providing wholesome content ranging from movies to documentaries. Keep reading for our full Pure Flix review.

It has become nearly impossible to keep your kids away from seeing inappropriate content on TV and most streaming services are not much different. There has been a constant desire to have an alternative to the traditional streaming services and Pure Flix intends to be the answer to these desires.

Pure Flix is structured similar to the other streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, but it cuts out all of the junk. It features tons of family-friendly and wholesome entertainment like movies, animated titles, educational films, devotional films, and many more. The service is incredibly easy to use, which means children can easily scroll through all of the content to decide which video they would like to watch. And, you can remove the stress of worrying that they’ll select something inappropriate when you are not paying attention because there is only wholesome content on the site. Below is an in-depth guide including everything you need to do to subscribe and begin to watch Pure Flix movies.

What Features Does Pure Flix Offer?

Pure Flix wants to be the most trusted source for people looking to stream family-friendly content. Many of the streaming services out there like Hulu, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Instant Video offer a huge variety of content to be accessed on their site. Some believe it is way too much content and prefer to have a service which curbs its content towards a more wholesome variety.

Pure Flix movies can be streamed from its on-demand content library whenever you want. The site is designed similar to Netflix including how the front page is formatted and the way you scroll through videos. It’s a very simple experience to look through all of the service’s library, which includes more than 2,500 titles. You can also add any program to your favorites and view your list from your profile to watch any tagged videos later.

Which Devices Are Compatible With Pure Flix?

Pure Flix is a newer service and is still in the process of adding to its list of compatible devices. In terms of mobile devices and tablets you can access the service on your iPad, iPhone, Android phone, and Android tablet through the Pure Flix app. For connected devices, the Roku Streaming Stick, Roku 2, and Roku 3 are supported via the Pure Flix app on the Roku Channel Store. Also, you can just stream the service on your computers, laptops and mobile devices via a web browser.

Looking ahead, the company said it plans to support Google ChromeCast and Amazon Fire TV products later this fall, Apple TV in early 2016, and XBOX and PlayStation later in 2016. For now, it certainly has a decent amount of supported devices, but it is also nice to see they are working on adding more compatible devices.


What Plans Does Pure Flix Offer?

Pure Flix movies and other on-demand content can be accessed by subscribing on a month-to-month basis. Just like Netflix or other streaming services, there is no need for a commitment. The monthly subscription costs $7.99 per month and can be canceled anytime. There is also an annual option to subscribe to watch Pure Flix films for an entire year by paying $92.99 upfront.


Can I Try Pure Flix Free?

Yes, Pure Flix has an ongoing 30-day free trial to test our the subscription streaming service without any cost to you. You can start the trial anytime and have access to as much wholesome content as you would like. If you are interested in this service, the trial is a great option to watch free Christian movies and plenty of other on-demand content for an entire month. If you like the service you can continue your monthly subscription right when the trial ends.

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How Can I Watch Other Free Christian Movies & TV Online?

For people of faith looking for wholesome entertainment, we’ve put together a guide to streaming Christian movies & TV to help you find the content you seek!

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