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If you want to watch PlayStation Vue on Roku, there are plenty of ways to do it. It's as simple as signing up and installing the app.


PlayStation Vue is a live stream service that works with PlayStation (obviously) and plenty of other streaming devices. So, if you thought you needed a PlayStation now you know you don’t. PS Vue has four packages starting at $30/month. This package has 45 channels, but the top package has 90 channels available. Premium channels offering movies and sports can also be added to your package. If you’re a Roku user, you’ll be pleased to know that you can watch PlayStation Vue on Roku.

If you’re wondering how you can watch PS Vue on Roku, it’s simple. Once you get through a few easy steps it will be as easy as turning on your Roku and turning on the PS Vue app. So, if you follow the following instructions, you will be able to watch PlayStation Vue on Roku in no time!


Sign Up for PlayStation Vue

The first step to view PlayStation Vue on Roku is to sign up! Naturally, if you’re already signed up, you can move to step 2 and know you’re one step closer to watching PlayStation Vue on Roku. If you haven’t signed up, before you can watch PS Vue on Roku you need to do so!

Head over to the PS Vue website and sign up for their free 5-day trial. After the trial, you’ll pay for one of four packages starting at $30/month and 45 channels. You’ll have access to locals, cable channels, and add-on options. You’ll also have a DVR and plenty more. If you want to learn more about PlayStation Vue you can read our PS Vue review.

The sign up for PlayStation Vue is simple. It will only take a few minutes as basic information is all that is required. Once you’ve signed up you can move on to step 2.


Go to Roku and Download PlayStation Vue

Now it’s time to visit the Channel Store. Lookup PlayStation Vue in the Channel Store and download it to your Roku. You will notice that once installed it will alert you and then appear in your home screen.


Open PlayStation Vue on Roku

The next step, if you want to watch PlayStation Vue on Roku is to start your PlayStation Vue app. Depending on your streaming speeds it may take a few seconds, but with average speeds it should open relatively quickly.


Activate your Roku

The first time you use PlayStation Vue you’ll need to activate your device. Choosing activate your device will bring up an activation code that you can enter on the PS Vue website. This recognizes your Roku as yours. You’ll go to PSVue.com/activateroku and enter your code. Once you do that you’ll be able to watch PlayStation Vue on Roku.


Watch and Enjoy!

Your PS Vue account is synched by now, so you can go to the guide or to your favorite channels and find something to watch. You’ll also have access to your DVR. So, pick something to watch and enjoy!

Following these instructions should make it quick and simple if you want to watch PlayStation Vue on Roku. If you have any questions, feel free to let us know.

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