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How to Watch PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV

If you're new to cord cutting or to Amazon Fire TV, you might be wondering how to watch PlayStation Vue on Amazon fire tv, well we're here to tell you how


If you’re here there’s a good chance that you’re either new to PlayStation Vue or you haven’t signed up yet. Of course, maybe none of those things are true and you’ve just got an Amazon Fire TV for the first time. Whatever the reason is, if you want to learn how to watch PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV, you’re in the right place.

Assuming you’re new to PlayStation Vue you’ll have a minimum of 45 channels for $30/month. Your channel lineup will have AMC, Discovery, USA, History, Syfy, OWN, ESPN, FOX News, and more. You’ll have access to a cloud-based DVR, locals in select cities, and an on-demand library, sometimes with full seasons of shows! Our PlayStation Vue review has all the details! There’s also a PlayStation Vue 5-day trial up for grabs for new members.

One of the nicest things about PlayStation Vue is the number of devices you can use to watch PlayStation Vue. You can watch PlayStation Vue on Fire TV and several other devices. If you’re here trying to find out how to watch PS Vue on Fire TV, the steps are listed below. Just follow them and you’ll be watching PS Vue on Fire TV in no time.


Step 1 – Sign up for PlayStation Vue

If you’ve already done this, you can obviously skip this step. Before you can watch PlayStation Vue on Fire TV you need to be a member. Subscriptions start at $30/month and include a mix of cable and local channels, a cloud-based DVR, and the ability to add on channels like Showtime or HBO. You can learn more about PlayStation Vue in our PlayStation Vue review or you can sign up for a free 5-day trial to give PlayStation Vue a shot. No matter if it’s the trial or an actual subscription, you’ll need to have signed up to watch PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV.


Step 2 – Head Over to the Amazon Fire TV Home Screen and Search for PS Vue

Once you have your Fire TV home page up, it’s time to find PlayStation Vue. To do that, there is a search icon in the upper left of the screen. All you’ll need to do is to type PlayStation Vue in the search app and it will take you to what you want.


Step 3 – Install

You’ll notice as you begin typing that suggestions for what you’re looking for will begin to crop up. Once you find PlayStation Vue you’ll want to click on it and once you’ve done that you’ll see an option to download. You’ll want to choose the option to download, which will install it so you can watch PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV. Keep in mind, that depending on your Internet speeds, it could take a minute for the download and installation process to complete.


Step 3 – Watch PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV!

As soon as the app installs, the button that you used for downloading will switch to “Open.” This means you can click it and sign in to PlayStation Vue. This will give you access to your PlayStation Vue account, and will allow you to watch anything in your package including your DVRed content and anything in the on-demand library.

It couldn’t be easier to watch PlayStation Vue on Amazon Fire TV. In fact, once you download and install it, all you’ve left to do is turn it on! If you still aren’t sure about something, you can inquire about the process in the comments.

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