KlowdTV Review: Cost, Devices, Features, Free Trial

KlowdTV is a streaming service with a lot to offer for sports fans, news junkies, and TV lovers. Read our KlowdTV review for a free trial and more info!

Thanks to countless technological advances, watching your favorite television channels online legally is easier than ever before. Live streaming services offering skinny bundles of channels are starting to become increasingly popular as an alternative to expensive cable TV. Today, we take a look at a new legal live streaming service called KlowdTV that comes at affordable prices with a few different packages. KlowdTV hasn’t yet gained the notoriety of other live streaming services, but when you look at all they have to offer, it’s clear that it’s a service worth considering.

Read our full KlowdTV review below to learn everything you need to know, including the cost, features, and even how you can get an exclusive 3-month free trial with our KlowdTV coupon code.


What is KlowdTV?

KlowdTV is a legal streaming service that brings television to the 21st century – meaning that it brings it to the online world. Using their website or any one of their apps, you’ll be able to watch any channel in the package you choose live on a variety of devices. It’s just like regular TV, allowing you to flip through different channels, but it’s all delivered over your internet connection at a fraction of the price of cable TV. There’s no contract, so you pay month to month and can cancel at any time.


What are the Features of KlowdTV?

One of the first things people ask about are the features — what makes KlowdTV better than the others? What are the features?

  • HD streaming–KlowdTV offers beautiful HD quality streaming on many channels. You can enjoy a nice 720p or more, so your shows come in with crisp HD detail. The picture quality is really good, especially for a live stream.
  • Choose the channels you really want–One of the coolest things about KlowdTV is you aren’t forced into any sort of base package of channels. All channel packages are categorized by interest, so you simply choose the package(s) that you’re interested in and get those channels only, without wasting money on anything else. They’re constantly trying to add new channels to their lists also to better meet your preferences.
  • True DVR capabilities–KlowdTV is the first live streaming service to offer a truly functional DVR. You can easily record shows at the click of a button so you never miss a thing!


How Much Does KlowdTV Cost?

KlowdTV has an assortment of different prices depending on which package you want to go with, but you are free to purchase some individual channels as well. We do advise just going with one of the packages versus a single channel for cost effectiveness as you’ll see down below.

The base KlowdTV cost is $5 for taxes and fees, and this is the additional cost of the following packages:

  • Sports Package: For $3.49 a month you’ll gain access to nine different sporting channels. It’s an amazing package for soccer fans especially, and it includes the following channels:
      • GolTV
      • beIN Sports n
      • GolTV En Espanol
      • Fight Network
      • FNTSY Sports Network
      • Outdoor Sport Channel
      • FightBox HD
      • Fast & Fun Box HD
  • News Package: Featuring six different news channels, for $2.99 a month you’ll be able to keep up with current events easily.
      • Bloomberg Television
      • Sky News
      • One America News Network
      • Newsmax TV
      • RT America
      • France 24 in English
  • Entertainment Package: Time to kick back and just relax? This package includes seven different channels filled with a medley of different entertainment aimed shows for just $2.99 a month.
      • A Wealth of Entertainment
      • YouToo America
      • Vibrant TV Network
      • RTD
      • Ducktv
      • Rev’n
      • Tuff TV
  • Outdoor Lifestyle Package: Are you a fan of the outdoors? This package features eight different outdoor channels for $2.99 a month. Each channel covers a different aspect of the outdoors available for any enthusiast.
      • Ride
      • HRTV
      • ChukkerTV
      • DocuBox
      • Pursuit Channel
      • Hunt Channel
      • eScapes
      • The Outdoor Cooking Channel

Which Devices Support KlowdTV?

One of the greatest things about KlowdTV is how it has apps for just about every device you could think to have it on, making it easy to watch just about anywhere. Their service covers Android devices, Apple mobile devices, Mac, and PC as well as Roku and Amazon Fire devices. KlowdTV is even available on some smart TVs. They cover just about every major device outside of the Xbox One and PS4 and even have support for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer 9+ and Safari web browsers! Basically, they’ve got coverage for multiple devices so you can enjoy your favorite programs wherever you are.


Is There a KlowdTV Free Trial or Coupon Code?

Usually, KlowdTV offers a one-week free trial that’ll allow you to test the proverbial waters before you make a true commitment. But for a limited time only, you can try KlowdTV FREE for 3 months! That’s right, 3 full months. Just click the link and use my exclusive coupon code “CCT1” at checkout. Hurry while the offer lasts and share it with your friends. We highly suggest taking advantage of this as it’s a great way to check out everything the streaming service offers.

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Hopefully we’ve shed some light on everything that KlowdTV has to offer, especially as a budding service. If you have any other questions regarding this service, simply ask us in the comments down below!

Otherwise, click here to learn more about KlowdTV and try it free for 3 months.

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