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Dove Channel Review: Cost, Movies, Devices, Free Trial, etc.

Want to learn about the Dove Channel? In our Dove Channel review, we'll explain how this family-friendly online streaming service works, and what it offers.

Are you concerned about the programming available on both cable and popular streaming sites like Netflix? If you want to ensure that your family watches movies and TV shows that are consistent with your core values, you may want to read our Dove Channel review below!

Dove Channel is a new online streaming service that hand selects programming consistent with the values of your conservative or faith-based household. Once you become a member, you will be able to customize the programming to fit you and your family’s tastes and preferences.

In this Dove Channel review, we want to provide you with all the information you need such as the cost, the movies and TV shows available, and how to get this service in your home. Let’s begin.

Dove Channel Review: What are the Dove Channel Features?

The most important of the Dove Channel features include a rating system to help families understand the context of the available programming. They have a 0 to 5 scale on categories like sexuality, language, violence, drugs, and nudity. They also rate for other behaviors such as lying or cheating, and witchcraft.

The vast majority of Dove Channel programming will have a rating of 2 or less. These offerings receive Dove’s seal of approval. However, some content is rated higher in terms of these categories but only shown if they portray a faith-based story with biblical themes of redemption.


How Much does Dove Channel Cost?

With a mission to provide morally excellent programming for the whole family, the Dove Channel cost is kept low and affordable for all. You can become a member for only $4.99 per month using code “DOVE2016”.

However, right now, Dove Channel is running another great promotion. If you sign up now, you can get 3 months of service for just $11.99 and save a few bucks. Use the coupon code “GETDOVE” at checkout to take advantage of this great offer. The Dove Channel price makes this investment in your family’s entertainment an easy choice.


What Dove Channel Movies and TV Shows are Available?

Read any Dove Channel review and you’ll see comments about the high-quality content available with this service. A simple glance at the website shows a wide variety of entertaining and ethical stories that can be enjoyed by the whole family. There are a number of categories that make it easy to search. Some of the most popular programming include kids’ favorites Veggie Tales and Fraggle Rock. Classic programming with a message of hope and redemption, such as Highway to Heaven, are also available.

You can search for an abundance of programming in these or other categories. Many of the best Christian movies ever filmed are included with a Dove Channel subscription. There are dramas such as In the Name of God, coming of age shows like The Saddle Club series, inspirational stories like Seabiscuit, kid-friendly movies like Shirley Temple’s The Little Princess, a variety of stories straight from the bible, comedies, documentaries, and films based on true stories. There are plenty of Dove Channel movies and TV shows that will make your investment well worth the cost of admission.


Which Devices is Dove Channel Available On?

You an access Dove Channel through a variety of devices as well as your computer. Log on directly with your PC using whichever browser is your favorite and you’re already good to go. It is also accessible on select Android and iOS mobile and tablet devices. You can also watch directly on your television with the Roku app.


Is There a Dove Channel Free Trial?

Yes, there is! You can even get the Dove Chanel for free, or, at least a Dove Channel free trial to see if the service is right for you and your family. Try Dove Channel for FREE today!


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