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Dailyburn Review: Cost, Results, Devices, Free Trial and More

Want to get fit and healthy from home? Dailyburn, an online workout streaming service, can help. Read our Dailyburn review to learn more about this service.

Staying fit and healthy requires some serious effort. Between eating healthy and ensuring you get enough physical exercise, the demands of a healthy lifestyle are difficult to overcome for many. With that being said, our modern technology allows us certain advantages, including the invent of workout streaming services like Dailyburn. If you’d like to learn more about this service, keep reading for our Dailyburn review.

Nowadays there are many home workout programs. Made popular by legendary programs like P90x, these programs have evolved greatly over the last several years. Today, we have a new breed of services that no longer require DVDs or recordings, and instead operate over the internet – like a Netflix for workouts. Now, we’re here to talk about a great new program, called Dailyburn. If you’re curious about the Dailyburn cost, Dailyburn trainers, or anything else, you’ll find the answers to your questions in the Dailyburn review below.


Dailyburn Review: What Is It?

Dailyburn is an online workout program that provides access to 100’s of pre-recorded workouts that you can follow along with. From simple stretching routines to yoga to heart-pounding cardio to muscle-shredding resistance training, Dailyburn offers some of everything. And not only are there hundreds of workouts available to watch at any time, there’s also a new workout every single day. This is great for those who tire of doing the same old exercises day in and day out.

Dailyburn is available as a monthly subscription service. You pay a low monthly fee to get access to all the workouts, and you can exercise on your own time. Some workouts will require you to have weights and other tools, while others will simply use bodyweight exercises that require no additional items.


Dailyburn Workouts: What Type of Workouts Are There?

There are many different workout series available for your use. Some highlights include:

365 – a series focusing on weight loss and toning, with a new video every day!
Black Fire – lead by Dailyburn trainer and fitness expert Bob Harper, this advanced 2-month course is designed to take you to the next level of fitness.
Cardio Sculpt – led by Anja, Keaira and Judi, this fun and easy cardio-based workout series is great for losing weight and toning up.
Yoga Made Simple – lead by Briohny Smyth, this 4-week yoga program helps relieve tension, increase flexibility and tone up through simple movements. Click here to learn more about the Dailyburn yoga program.


Dailyburn Price: How Much Does Dailyburn Cost?

If you’re wondering about the Dailyburn price, it costs $12.95 a month. With that low monthly price comes direct access to the library of workout videos, as well as access to the new video that is uploaded every single day.

It’s important to keep in mind, however, that some of these workout programs will require some weights and other fitness equipment. Realistically, you should have at least a basic set of barbells and a yoga/exercise mat. So, keep that in mind when you’re considering the Dailyburn cost, since those items will need to be purchased separately.

Dailyburn also offers advice and guidance on maintaining a healthy diet. They also recommend certain supplements, like protein powder. These supplements can be purchased through Dailyburn, or anywhere else you like to shop. And while supplements can help you achieve better results, they are not required.


Dailyburn Results: What Can I Achieve?

The short answer is this: as with any program, your results will depend on the level of effort you put into your exercises. With that being said, many people have reported very impressive Dailyburn results. If you check out the Dailyburn website, you can read about some of the success stories users have shared. Here are some examples:

Amanda lost a whopping 26 pounds after just 3 months of following along to Dailyburn workouts!

Marcus lost 59 pounds with Dailyburn!

Jose lost 18 pounds and increased his muscle definition with Dailyburn!

With a huge variety of videos and workouts, as well as diet and nutrition tips, the sky is the limit with Dailyburn. If you’re willing to put in some effort, you can quite literally change your body, and change your life!


Dailyburn Devices: How Can I Use It?

As we explained earlier in the Dailyburn review, this service is an online streaming service. However, you probably won’t want to be exercising in front of your computer, so you’ll likely want to use a device to stream the service on your TV.

For Roku owners, there is a Dailyburn Roku app that works seamlessly.

For Apple TV owners, there is a Dailyburn Apple TV app available.

For Chromecast fans, there is also a Dailyburn Chromecast app.

Also, you can now use Dailyburn on-the-go with their mobile apps, available for iOS devices and Android devices. These apps will allow you to follow along with your favorite workouts, wherever you go!


Dailyburn Free Trial: Can I Try It For Free?

Why yes, yes you can! Dailyburn now offers a 30-day free trial. This trial provides the perfect way to test out this service before spending a dime.

We recommend signing up for the free trial, downloading the Dailyburn app and exploring the workout programs. Try to get a feel for several different types of workouts, to see which you’d like to continue using. The free trial is the full version of the service, so you’ll be able to fully explore Dailyburn!

Click here to try Dailyburn FREE for 30 days!


We hope you enjoyed our Dailyburn review! If you have any questions about the service or anything else related to cord-cutting, feel free to contact us.

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