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CuriosityStream Review: Cost, Content, Free Trial, and More

CuriosityStream is a new streaming service that provides on-demand streaming of documentaries and other nonfiction. Read our CuriosityStream review for more

CuriosityStream is a relatively new streaming service, launched in 2015. Founded by John Hendricks, the creator of the Discovery Channel, CuriosityStream is a Netflix-like online streaming service designed for curious minds. With hundreds of hours of documentaries, nonfiction works and more, this service is a must-have for those who enjoy learning during their leisure time. Keep reading our CuriosityStream review for all the info you need!

As mentioned, CuriosityStream was launched in 2015, but it’s just now gaining steam and offering more content than ever. The CuriosityStream cost is as low as $3 a month, and it packs in a ton of value for that low price. Let’s dive right in to our CuriosityStream review to learn more about the service!


What are the Main CuriosityStream Features?

CuriosityStream is designed for a specific segment of viewers; i.e. people who enjoy watching documentaries and other nonfiction programs. Obviously it’s not a complete solution for entertainment, like Netflix is, but nonetheless it’s a great program. Here are some key CuriosityStream features:

  • Commercial Free Streaming – CuriosityStream is 100% commercial free, so you’ll never have to sit throw an annoying commercial again!
  • Over 1,000 Nonfiction Programs – CuriosityStream’s content selection is impressive and ever-growing, with over 1,000 documentaries, nonfiction programs, and other content designed to enlighten, entertain and inspire.
  • On-Demand Streaming – You choose when, where and how you want to watch with on-demand streaming content.
  • 4K HD Streaming – For those with compatible devices, a lot of the programs on this service are available to stream in 4K HD. If you don’t have a 4K device, you’ll still be able to watch in beautiful 1080p.
  • CuriosityStream Original Content – CuriosityStream has recently began producing their own original content, partnering with legendary educators like Stephen Hawking, David Attenburough and more.
  • Watch From Anywhere – Since CuriosityStream is an online service, you can watch from anywhere with an internet connection.


What Kind of Content Does CuriosityStream Offer?

CuriosityStream refers to their content selection as a library of “non-fiction programs that enlighten, entertain and inspire“. Basically, this means that they primarily offer documentaries, educational content and other nonfiction programming. These programs cover all sorts of topics, but most have a focus on nature, science, space, history, sociology, and the future. Mashable called the service “the Netflix of Nonfiction

There are lots of unique full-length documentaries available, as well as commercial documentaries that you may have seen elsewhere. There are also tons of shorter clips, hand-selected from the BBC and similar content providers. These quick, 5-10 minute clips provide a concise, fascinating look into their subject matter, without requiring an hour-long commitment.

Also, CuriosityStream now offers some original programming, as well, such as Stephen Hawking’s Favorite Places, David Attenborough’s Light On Earth, and more. We expect to see much more original, exclusive content in the future as the service expands.


Which Devices Can You Use to Watch CuriosityStream?

CuriosityStream devices currently include Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, smartphones, tablets, Apple TV, and PC/Mac. Note that 4K streaming is only available via the Roku, Amazon Fire TV, and web apps.


How Much Does CuriosityStream Cost?

As you can see from the image above, CuriosityStream has 3 different price points available. Starting at $3 a month for standard definition, ranging to $12 a month for 4k Ultra HD. Most folks will probably want to go with the Standard $5.99 a month package, giving you HD streaming in 1080. That is, unless you have a 4k-capable device, in which case you may want to spring for the Premium package.

Also, if you prepay for a year, you’ll save about 15% off the monthly price. This brings the full-year cost to $29.99, $59.99, and $119.99 for the SD, HD and 4k HD packages, respectively. So, the real CuriosityStream price varies depending on which package you choose and whether or not you want to prepay. Also, note that all packages include the first month free.


Is There a CuriosityStream Free Trial?

Yes, there is! There is currently a CuriosityStream free trial offer for a full month free! This is available for all 3 different versions of the service, so you can choose which you like and then start things off with a free month. And if you end up not wanting to keep the service, you can easily cancel before your month is up. There is no CuriosityStream coupon code required – simply click on the picture above and you’ll get the free trial.


How Can I Learn More About Curiosity Stream?

They say that seeing is believing, so why not try the service out for yourself? Click here to start a CuriosityStream free trial today, and enjoy a full month of free streaming while you explore the service! That’s it for our CuriosityStream review – thanks for reading!


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