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Crunchyroll Review: Anime Streaming Service

Thinking about trying the Crunchyroll anime streaming service? Before you do, check out our Crunchyroll review for all the details about this streaming app.

If you’re not yet aware of what Crunchyroll is, it’s pretty much a one stop shop for all things anime. The streaming service is loaded with thousands of hours of anime content, giving subscribers plenty of excellent content to binge.

Simply put, Crunchyroll is an anime lover’s dream come true, thanks to the wide selection and a pretty constant stream of new content. They update new episodes of popular simulcasts, generally within 24 hours of Japanese release, and even feature full manga series!

But what makes this Crunchyroll so much more special compared to sites like FUNimation? In this review, we’ll be detailing everything that Crunchyroll has to offer, and why it’s a serious competitor in the western market of anime culture.

Check out our full Crunchyroll review below.


What Features does Crunchyroll Offer?

Crunchyroll has some awesome features that anime lovers everywhere can get behind, including:

  • Fresh selection of great content– Crunchyroll always gives you something fun and new to watch. Their manga and drama sections are updated regularly, along with all of their programming. You’ll never be low on viewable content, especially with how often they do updates.
  • Great app support–Another great feature they’ve got is their device support. They don’t just create an app and let it be. They continually work on them to keep them as updated and as flawless as possible, as they should. For the user, this means smooth, reliable streaming across multiple devices.
  • Robust merchandise store–The last great feature we would like to discuss is their merchandise store, where you can buy all sorts of anime related materials that fans everywhere love. It’s less about them, and more about the content, and that’s what makes Crunchyroll so great.


How Much Does Crunchyroll Cost?

Crunchyroll offers a few different subscription options for its users.There’s a free subscription option, if you can stand the ads. There’s plenty to watch in the free list, though it is limited – same goes for the Drama and Manga sections.

If you decide to go with the Premium Membership, it’ll cost $6.95 a month. This has access to every anime, drama television show, and manga, and even streams in 1080p. It’s a great value for everything that you get.

Finally, the Premium+ Membership would cost you $11.95 a month and comes with everything the Premium membership comes with and then some. The only difference is if you go to conventions or not, as the biggest benefit of Premium+ is special convention perks (i.e. goody-bags and a slew of bonus content on location) where they apply.


What Can I Watch on Crunchyroll?

The best thing about Crunchyroll is that it’s always evolving; there will always be new and exciting anime shows for you to sit back and enjoy, regardless of your mood.

Feel like sitting back and watching some cities get blown up? Aldnoah.Zero would be right up your alley! Want to follow along on adventure after grand adventure? Well then you need to see One Piece. Or maybe you’re in the mood for something a little more on the sad side, with Angel Beats.

Crunchyroll updates simulcasts as they come, within 24 hours of the Japanese release, so you can bet your bottom dollar you’ll always have a steady stream of things to watch with so much new content constantly rolling in.


Which Devices Can You Watch Crunchyroll On?

Currently, Crunchyroll is available on a number of popular devices, giving you many different ways to watch anime online.

You can stream straight from your PC, or you can even download the Crunchyroll app straight to your phone or tablet.

For gamers, Crunchyroll has apps for the latest two versions of the Xbox and PlayStation, as well as a new app for the Wii U. For all you Roku users out there, they’ve got an app for that too.

This right here is honestly what really sets it apart from FUNimation, as the mobile app for that costs a non-negotiable $9.99 and you still have to connect your monthly account. Crunchyroll was kind enough to keep their apps free, and continue to update them consistently.


Is There a Crunchyroll Guest Pass or Free Trial?

The short answer is, yes, Crunchyroll does provide a 14-day free trial of their Premium Membership to anyone new to the service. If you know anyone that has the service already, or if you turn someone else on to it, there’s even a guest pass feature. This is basically one 24-hour period where you get all the access and benefits the premium members do, including, no ads!

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Overall, Crunchyroll is one of the best anime streaming services you could go with. It offers plenty of great content for even the most selective anime fan.

Have any questions about Crunchyroll that weren’t answered in our review? Leave a comment below and we’ll help you out.


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