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What is CBS College Sports Live? Everything You Need to Know

CBS College Sports Live lets you stream over 30 Men's and Women's college sporting events. How is the service? Read our review to get the scoop!

CBS has made great strides in its college sports programming over the last several years. The network has expanded its College Sports Live streaming offering to provide an even better service for college sports fans.

College Sports Live has grown its schools and sports covered this season and has added a ton of content. It updated its website and has even added new features targeted at college football fans. Plus, as cable cutting and online sports viewing in general has become more popular, the schools featured have made an added effort to produce more content for its fans. Simply put, College Sports Live is quickly becoming one of the better options for streaming live college sports online without cable.

Check out our full CBS College Sports Live review below for complete details about this streaming service.


What Are Some of CBS College Sports Live’s Features?

One of the best parts about College Sports Live is it has such an impressive amount of content on the site available live. CBS estimates subscribers can watch or listen to more than 18,000 live events, covering nearly every sport including football, baseball, basketball, softball, and more. The service has agreements with over 100 schools across the nation. The schools come from some of the largest conferences to some of the lesser known ones.

For fans or alumni of many schools, it is sometimes impossible to follow all of the action. CBS makes it easier and offers a great service alongside just watching or listening to live streams.

The College Sports Live streams are available either in audio or video streams. The format depends on each event and what is available from the school. The programming schedule on CBS’s website will list each upcoming event and the exact format it will be in. There are also on-demand videos with replays of games and highlights available for tons of sporting events.

Beyond the live streams, CBS recently announced its brand new College Football Blitz on College Sports Live. Sponsored by IMG, Blitz will provide ten straight hours of college football on Saturdays. It will broadcast live and on-demand highlights, interviews, and real time cut-ins to ongoing games. CBS has a solid lineup of announcers as well including Dan Dierdorf, Gene Deckerhoff and Don Criqui. The crew will be doing full analysis on the biggest matchups of the week throughout the day. Blitz will start at 12 p.m. each week, and will be a great resource to keep track of all the most important college football action each Saturday.


How Much Does College Sports Live Cost to Subscribe?

CBS College Sports Live starts at just $9.95 per month. That cost gets you access to all of the live streaming events, the on-demand videos and highlights, and to IMG’s College Football Blitz. If you look at it from just a college football perspective it would cost about $30-$40 to have access for the entire season.

The monthly option allows you to cancel at any time, but if you are interested in making a longer commitment, College Sports Live offers a yearly subscription for a slightly discounted rate of $99.95 per year. You save about two months’ worth of subscription costs and would be able to watch whatever college sports you are a fan of in any season.

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What Sports Are Available on College Sports Live?

To say College Sports Live covers a lot of different sports would be an understatement. It obviously covers some of the most popular sports like Baseball, Basketball, Football, Softball, and Lacrosse. But, beyond that ,it covers sports ranging from Swimming and Track & Field all the way to Fencing and Water Polo. There are over 30 different sports covered in all. If you are interested in getting more coverage into a specific sport, it’s likely CBS is covering it on College Sports Live. The content will certainly vary for each sport, but in season, the programming schedule on the website should be a great resource to look ahead at what content options will be available for each sport.


Which Schools Are Included in College Sports Live’s Offering?

College Sports Live covers over 100 schools across the nation. It features teams from almost all of the biggest conferences like the SEC, ACC, Big Ten, among many others. Some big name schools featured are Notre Dame, Alabama, Georgia, Penn State, Indiana, and several others. Each school’s programming schedule for each sport can be viewed on College Sports Live’s page. It will show each of the upcoming events and the format of the stream.

Which Devices Can You Watch College Sports Live On?

Like many of the new services for cable cutters, College Sports Live allows viewers to watch and access from all of their main devices. You can either listen to or watch the live streams through the internet on your desktop, laptop, mobile phone, or tablet. This means you can either watch your favorite schools play from your home or if you are on the go. It is great to have the flexibility, especially on Saturdays with the IMG Blitz service, which will be ongoing for the entire day. You can keep track and watch all the action on Saturdays regardless of where you are.
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