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10 Best Plex Channels You Need to Try in 2017

The 10 best Plex channels for you to install on your Plex media server. The list includes both official and unofficial Plex channels.

The media streaming platform Plex has continued to grow in recent years, making it one of the most popular options for cord cutters. But one option that many users are not aware of is the ability to add Plex Channels to their own Plex servers. It can be a great way to expand the catalog that you have available within your Plex account. Somewhat surprisingly, a lot of very big platforms offer quite a bit of free content through their Plex channels.

In this list, we’ll give you a good mix of public Plex channels, as well as unofficial channels that you have to take a few extra steps to add to your account. Let’s look at the 10 best Plex channels available today.

10 Best Plex Channels

  • CBS
  • Comedy Central
  • PBS
  • Pitchfork.TV
  • Soundcloud
  • NPR
  • FilmOn
  • BringThePopcorn
  • Spotify
  • BitTorrent

#1: CBS

CBS makes a healthy amount of content available for free through their Plex channel. You don’t even have to have a cable login to access it. The content is well-organized, which is often a problem for Plex channels. The CBS channel offers both full episodes of popular TV shows, as well as clips. We’ve covered how to watch CBS online in the past, but the CBS Plex channel is definitely the best option for Plex users. Out of the Plex channels that are offered by major networks, CBS is easily the best available. Other popular Plex channels from major networks, such as NBC and ABC, often have issues working within different browsers and offer poor sorting of content.


#2: Comedy Central

If you like comedy, — and most people do, you might want to check out the Comedy Central Plex channel. The channel offers a big selection of different content both from their broadcast as well as from their online-only vault of content. Some of the shows that you can watch through the Comedy Central channel include The Daily Show and Key and Peele.


#3: PBS

Since PBS is a publicly funded broadcast network, they are typically much more willing to share their content for free. This is true within their Plex channel as well, where PBS makes a wide range of their broadcast content available. That content includes full feature documentaries and individual episodes of a number of their TV shows and programs. If you want good, wholesome entertainment on Plex, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better option than the PBS channel.


#4: Pitchfork.TV

Do you love music? How about live music? Then you might be interested in the Pitchfork.tv Plex channel. Pitchfork is a renowned music news and reviews website. Their Plex channel actually differs quite a bit from the content that you will find on their website. You can watch live and in-studio performances of music across many different genres. Pitchfork primarily focuses on indie music.


#5: Soundcloud

Soundcloud is perhaps the largest music social networking site in the world. The Soundcloud music channel on Plex is actually a really good source for new music and is a good complementary service to Pitchfork. Soundcloud makes it easy to discover new music that you can play through the Plex platform. One interesting feature is that the SoundCloud channel continues to play music, even as you navigate the menu. This means that you can play music while you look for something to watch!


#6: NPR

NPR, the Plex channel for National Public Radio, is another excellent channel for audio content. If you love talk radio or need a source for daily news, the NPR channel features lots of content from their radio broadcasts. A huge amount of content is available for free


Unofficial Best Plex Channels

Now that we have covered some of the best official channels, let’s take a look at some of the best unofficial channels that are available on Plex. These channels are not officially sponsored, and it is important that anyone that uses them understands that these channels may contain pirated or illegal content, so install them at your own risk.

To start, you will need to install the WebTools plugin to be able to install any unofficial channels. There is an excellent guide that was published on the Plex forums that clearly explains how to install. Those that are not as technically savvy may have a hard time installing unofficial channels to their Plex server.

Here are some great best unofficial Plex channels that you may want to check out:


#7: FilmOn

Although Plex recently announced a live TV and DVR option through the app, those of us that are out of the service range of over-the-air channels may need to turn to official Plex channels to get our live TV fix. FilmOn features hundreds of live TV channels from around the world and even includes some PPV content from popular U.S. channels. FilmOn is a great way to get your Live TV fix without having to shell out money on a cable package.


#8: BringThePopcorn

BringThePopcorn is one of a few great unofficial Plex channels for streaming movies. The variety of movies is quite good, although it is not updated quite as often as other sources. So, if you don’t mind the latest movies and TV-shows not being available, check it out!


#9: Spotify

It comes as a bit of a surprise that Spotify doesn’t offer an official Plex release. To make up for this fact, the community has released their own unofficial Spotify app. Unfortunately, to use it, you will have to be a subscriber to Spotify Premium. Once installed, you’ll have streaming access to all 30 million songs in the Spotify catalog, and be able to stream individual songs and albums as you want. Like with other devices, the premium subscription removes all streaming restrictions.


#10: BitTorrent

Bittorrent is a favorite channel among those that use official Plex channels. It allows you to stream movies and TV shows that you would ordinarily have to download with a torrent client then add to your Plex, directly through the channel app. The streams use the torrent protocol to deliver the content, and always has the latest TV shows and movies available to watch.


Best Plex Channels Conclusion

There are a lot of great Plex channels out there for you to choose from. While the official channels are more reliable than the unofficial ones, there is a lot of content available to help you grow your library. This list of the best Plex channels only begins to cover the huge selection, so don’t be afraid to dive in and see what you might like.

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