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Be the First to Test New Features First with Nvidia Shield Preview Program

Users can register for the Nvidia Preview Program and test out features before the general public. Learn how to sign up by reading our full report.

If you are one of the millions who want to get an exclusive peek into the latest software releases from Nvidia Shield Android TV box far before the general public, than hurry and sign up for the Nvidia Shield Preview Program.

For the first time, the company is finally allowing owners of its Shield TV devices to get a look at the releases for Shield Experience Upgrade software simply by registering for the preview program. Enrolling allows you to set any and all of your Shield devices for the latest software releases. Although Nvidia has done similar moves in the past, this one is extremely exciting as it offers Shield Developer OS images for those ultra-confident in their ability to play around with the 4K streamer. Nvidia is bound to make its users extremely happy with this bold move.

Mums the Word

Ask any developer and they will tell you that any chance they can get to beta test forthcoming software is great. It’s great for the company too as feedback from developers helps for constant improvements on their end too. Yet, it’s important to note that it is probably best if you keep what is on show as part of the preview program under wraps. Why? Well, Nvidia specifically asks that its users respect their strict confidentiality agreement as part of the deal. The NDA limits any and all discussions to the exclusive Nvidia dedicated forum area. Additionally, at this stage, the Preview Program is only available to the Android TV side of the Shield line. Unfortunately, users with Shield tablets are left out – at least for now.


Assistance for Android

That said, some Nvidia Shield users probably have other concerns such as when will Google Assistance be available on their Android devices? After all, despite the timely and feature-rich Android update releases, users have yet to see this on their devices even though it was promised at the revised Shield launch.

While the Nvidia Shield most likely will not replace your PS4 or Xbox One if you’re a hardcore gamer, for 4K Streaming, PC mirroring and retro appeal, it is certainly something to consider as a fantastic gaming and streaming device, offering high quality of streaming of all your favorite apps, from Sling TV to Netflix and more.

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