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Nvidia Shield Pro Review - Everything You Need to Know

Nvidia Shield Pro review comparing the Pro to the standard model of the device. Includes new features and hardware included in the Pro.

We recently reviewed the Nvidia Shield TV, a popular Android streaming box that already packs a serious punch, but now we want to take a look at the Nvidia Shield Pro. It’s a device that adds a lot of power to the already strong specs provided in the base version of the product. There are some key differences between the two devices that those that are considering purchasing should be aware of. The standard model of the device typically does everything that most would need from their streaming device, including playing 4K content, playing Android games, and offering a very fast experience within the menus. There are a few areas where the Nvidia Shield Pro definitely outshines its less powerful sister-product and may be interesting to some buyers.


Nvidia Shield Pro Review: Pro Offers More Storage

One of the biggest benefits of choosing to go with the Shield Pro is the huge amount of storage that it has to offer. The base version of the Nvidia Shield offers just 16 GB of storage. Compare this to the Shield Pro, which offers a whopping 500 GB of storage. This means that you can install virtually any game or media that you would want onto the device and never really have to worry about running out of room. However, with the game streaming solutions like GeForce Now and GameStream being popular ways to play games on the device — gamers may not need as much room for installations as they think. We recently compared the Nvidia Shield to other gaming consoles and highlighted how the device is probably best for casual gamers. The extra storage does give you the option of using the device for local storage for apps like Kodi and Plex though, which is enticing.


Nvidia Shield Pro Review: Pro Offers Improved Remote

Every new Nvidia Shield comes with an excellent Shield controller and remote. The Pro version of the device actually comes with its own version of the TV remote. The base version of the device traded out the headphone jack and rechargeable battery for a longer battery life. The Nvidia Shield Pro comes with a remote that includes a headphone jack and rechargeable batteries via USB.


Nvidia Shield Pro Review: Pro Expands Features

The Nvidia Shield Pro is very much like the base version of the product in terms of design. Because the actual body is a bit bigger, the Pro includes a few features that were removed from the standard model when it went to a smaller body design. The Pro offers the microSD card slot for storage expansion that is not present on the standard model. Additionally, it also features a micro-USB port that allows you to directly connect the device to your computer for faster transfers. While these are nice improvements, they may not be too essential with the expanded amount of storage space.

Another change between the standard model and the Shield Pro is the inclusion of the IR receiver. The benefit of this is that the box can be controlled using any of the universal remotes that use Ir on the market today. So if you don’t like the remote that comes with the device, this is a cool feature to include. This is especially interesting for those that have invested in an expensive universal remote, such as the Logitech Harmony.


Nvidia Shield Pro Review: Main Differences to Know

Many that will be reading this review will be deciding between the Pro version and the standard version of the Nvidia Shield. Both are great devices, and the addition of new features to the Nvidia Shield Pro may be well worth the money to some users. Here are the main differences between the two:

  • The Nvidia Shield Pro remote includes a headphone jack and rechargeable batteries. These were features that were removed from the standard model in order to decrease the size of the machine. If private listening is an important feature to you, you may want to consider looking into purchasing the Pro.
  • The Pro offers 500 GB of storage instead of 16 GB. Perhaps the biggest benefit to choosing the Pro is the fact that it comes with so much extra storage. if you plan on using the device to locally store media for apps like Kodi or Plex, the upgrade is well worth the investment.
  • The Pro includes a microSD card slot. If you need to expand your storage, having a micro SD card slot is critical.
  • The Pro includes a micro-USB port. The micro-USB allows you to connect the Nvidia Shield Pro to any PC.
  • The Pro comes with an IR receiver. If you want the option of using a third-party universal remote, the IR receiver is a great addition.



While the Nvidia Shield Pro doesn’t offer a huge upgrade over the standard model, it does offer some very specific improvements that some users may find interesting. The additional storage space is perhaps the largest selling point. While the additional $100 might not sway everyone, the Pro does offer some interesting upgrades that extend the functionality of the device.

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