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13 Cool Things You Didn't Know You Could Do with Chromecast

From using your photo albums to make backgrounds to creating a party playlist, here are 13 cool things to do with Chromecast.

If you’ve been streaming, you have probably heard of Chromecast. If you’re not too familiar with the name, you might be asking yourself, what does Chromecast do or what can Chromecast do in reference to my other streaming devices. In simple terms, Chromecast is a device that will cast things from your tablets or computers to your TV. It sounds pretty basic, but there are plenty of cool things to do with Chromecast.

If you think that Chromecast is just for streaming Netflix or Amazon Prime, you need to keep reading. It does so much more than that! What can you do with Chromecast? We’re about to tell you that, and more! While there are so many awesome things you can do, we’ve narrowed down 13 of the cool things to do with Chromecast in hopes that they make you see your Chromecast in a whole new way!


1. Cool Things to do with Chromecast? – Use Photo Albums to Change your Background

Using your own photos, you can change the look and feel of your background. You can Cast photos found in Google Photos, on Facebook, or even on Flickr. Just use your Google Cast app to choose the Chromecast you’d like to customize. From there, in the right corner use the menu to select Backdrop Settings. From there you can select the photos you want or you can nix the photos and display news, weather, or something else altogether.


2. What does Chromecast do? How about hosting a party?

Are you familiar with Guest Mode? Rather than giving access to your Wi-Fi password just use your Chromecast to enable Guest Mode. This transmits a beacon or access point to the devices around the home. The Cast icon will be available on the devices of your visitors so they can connect as a guest. They should be able to connect with ease, but if they don’t have immediate access a pin can be used to help them connect. You just need to toggle this option in your app.


3. Cool Things to do with Chromecast – Make a Party Playlist!

Now that you have guest mode on, consider making a playlist together. If you’re in the YouTube app you can create playlists straight from Chromecast. Just search a song or video you’re looking for. Once you find it, hit the Cast button. This will allow you to pick either “Play Now” or “Add to Playlist.” As the name says, adding it to your playlist will allow the videos to play in order as you and your guests add them!


4. What Can you Do With Chromecast? How about Get Free Stuff?!?

Chromecast frequently offers user specials. The deals will vary depending on a number of factors. You might get 90 days of Good Play Music or another deal for Spotify. The same can be said for TV and movie apps. You’ll get free time to sample the app and know whether its worth paying for.


5. Cool Things to do with Chromecast – Presentations!

Do you use Google Slides to make your slideshows or presentations? If you do, did you know that you can Cast them with Chromecast? Google Chrome has Chromecast built in, so you should even need the Google Cast Extension that was once required. Just click “Present” on the top/right and select “Present on another screen,” which will allow you to pick your device.


6. Playing Games is another Cool Thing to do with Chromecast!

Obviously you’re not going to be playing something like on the Xbox, but Chromecast does offer dozens of casual family, fun games that are available to be watched. From retro options like Sonic Jump Fever to modern options like Just Dance Now or even some good old fashioned trivia, Chromecast has over 100 games found through Google Play. Just download the games you’d like to your android or iOS so that the phone/tablet works as the controller and the TV is the screen!


7. What Can Chromecast Do? How about change your streaming quality?

Chromecast comes with three quality options. You can choose from Standard, High, or Extreme. The default is set to Standard, though if you have solid Internet, you should be able to use High. Extreme looks great, but it sucks up bandwidth, so it’s something to consider. Your settings can be changed through your app on your smartphone!


8. Use Spotify!

That’s right! It’s you’re a Spotify Premium user you will be able to Cast your playlist through Google Chromecast. The devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network. If so, just open the app, choose a track to play, and when it asks which device, let it know Chromecast! You can also do this with Pandora.


9. If you’re using an Android, Activate Quiet Time!

What if it’s late or you’re watching something and you don’t want to disturb anyone? If you have Android phones or tablets you can download LocalCast. This app will allow you to Cast video to your TV while leaving the audio on your device. This allows you to control your volume from the device or even by using headphones. You just choose that you want to route your audio to your phone.


10. Use Plex to Stream Local Media

Plex logo

Until now, you may have thought that Chromecast wouldn’t let you stream local media. They do offer the Plex media management app. This app allows you to stream media through Chromecast. Plex searches your content to create a list of items that you could send to Chromecast. This gives you an easy way to Cast local media on your computer that you couldn’t Cast before!


11. Where Can I Watch?

Using the Cast app you can find other enabled apps that offer the TV show or movie you want to see. Just open it up and type in the name of the show/movie. The app offers details on which enabled-apps will stream the content you’re looking for. It also lets you jump to the service immediately or gives you the ability to download an app that will help you to watch.


12. It’s time to Facebook Live!

If you’re watching Facebook Live and want to send it to Chromecast, you can! If you’re on the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast, you’ll just open Facebook Live and then when its open, hit the Cast icon. At that point you should see your Facebook Live video airing on the TV screen!


13. Sync your Chromecast with your Google Home

Do you have a Google Home? If so, did you know that you can sync the two devices so that you can control some of the content that’s available on your TV with only your voice? Well, you can. Start by opening the Google Home app on your device. Both devices need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, too. Select “More Settings” in the menu, which will lead you to TVs and Speakers. Find your Chromecast and select the plus. Once you’ve done that you can link the video and/or music that you’d like to play with the help of Google Home. From there you can open the Home app menu and go to Videos and Photos. You can select Netflix or another device and opt to link the account. From there you can speak your commands, telling Home to play titles from Netflix on Chromecast!

These are just some of the cool things to do with Chromecast. Really there are plenty of other things you can do, too! If you have any questions or other cool Chromecast tips, you can leave them in the comments!

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