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Compare Internet Service Providers: Deals on Internet without Cable

Need to find good internet in your area? Compare prices, features, and deals for internet service providers available in your zip code here.

Everyone needs fast, reliable internet at a great price, especially if you’re a cordcutter looking for a good deal on internet without cable TV. Here’s how you can find the best internet deals from top internet providers near you. Enter your Zip Code below to find and compare internet providers prices, features, and speeds in your area. Call the promotional numbers and make sure to press the prompt for a sales agent in order to hear the latest internet service providers deals. We’ve also provided a list below of key questions you should ask when on the phone shopping for a new internet service provider.

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How to Use This Tool to Find Internet Providers

Using my ISP search tool is simple. All you need to do to compare internet providers is:

  1. Enter your Zip Code to find out what’s available in your area.
  2. Contact the internet providers in your area to find out what deals they’re offering.
  3. Make your choice.

It’s as simple as that!


5 Key Questions to Ask Internet Providers

When calling around to find the best internet deals, it’s important that you know which questions to ask. Whether you’re looking to get internet service without cable or want a bundle deal, here are some important questions you should ask every time you call a potential ISP.

  1. What download speeds can I expect? Most internet providers will clearly advertise the top speeds they offer. What you will mostly want to pay attention to is the download speeds as this is what will determine if you can easily stream things like Sling TV or Netflix.
  2. Is the internet cable or DSL/fiber? Cable internet speeds have a tendency to fluctuate significantly depending on the time of day. DSL and fiber internet are much more stable and reliable.
  3. Is there a data cap on you plans? In an effort to combat cord cutting, many ISPs have recently started putting a cap on how much data users can download each month. If you go above the data cap, you’ll get charged with an extra fee. Ideally, you should choose an internet service that doesn’t have a data cap. That’s why I recommend DSL Extreme to people looking for internet without cable.
  4. Are there any additional costs? The advertised price might not be all that you’ll have to pay for service. Some ISPs will require you to rent a modem or router from them, adding fees to your monthly bill.
  5. Is this an introductory deal? Is the price being advertised just an introductory offer? If so, when will your monthly internet bill increase and by how much?


Can You Get Internet without Cable TV?

I get emails almost daily asking me, “How do I get a good deal on internet without cable?” It’s a good question. These days, the cable bundle is the norm, so veering away from that can be a bit intimidating. However, the fact is that you can sign up for an internet-only plan if you choose from pretty any of the internet providers you find using this ISP search engine.

Yes, you’ll lose out on some of the discounts, but there are still ways you can save money. The first thing to do is compare ISPs in your zip code to find out what’s being offered.


How Fast Does My Internet Need to Be for Streaming?

When you start to compare internet providers, there may be a lot of confusion over how fast internet has to be for streaming. The truth is that the average Joe streaming a few shows on HBO Now doesn’t need lighting fast internet. In actuality, all you need is around 5 Mbps per simultaneous stream. In other words, if you plan on watching Sling TV in the living room while your kid streams PBS kids in her room, then you need at least 10 Mbps. If you have a giant family and plan on having 5 streams going at a time, you need at least 25 Mbps and so on.

The average internet speed in America is just under 12 Mbps. That means the average US household could comfortably stream on two separate devices without experiencing any issues. This is plenty for most people.


Tips for the Best Internet Deals

If you’re looking for internet without cable, you’re going to need a few tricks up your sleeve to get the best internet deals possible. Here are a few things I recommend you try out when you compare internet providers:

  • Match your internet speed with your needs–If you only stream to one device at a time, you can afford to go with a baseline internet plan.
  • Find out if you can use your own modem/router–Internet service providers often charge a monthly fee for you to rent their equipment. If you can buy your own, it’ll pay for itself in no time.
  • Arm yourself with prices–Many people don’t realize that what you see is not always all you can get. Find out what internet deals are available in your area, and then use that knowledge as a negotiation tool when you call around.


What Are My Internet Options if I Live in a Rural Area?

If you live too far out, you won’t be able to get cable internet or DSL. This will limit your internet options to two categories: satellite and wireless internet providers.

Satellite internet can be a good option for someone who doesn’t get good cell reception, as it’s basically available everywhere. One of the most popular satellite internet providers is HughesNet, which has speeds up to 15 Mbps. However, data caps do apply, and speeds may be limited to certain times of the day.

Wireless internet comes from cell providers like AT&T and Verizon Wireless. This option allows you to use the same internet you’re using for your SmartPhone to surf the web on your computer. Internet speeds are usually sufficient for streaming, but it’s important to note that streaming will eat up your data pretty quickly. Once you hit that data cap, it can prove pretty pricey.


Compare Internet Service Providers in Your Zip Code Now

Ready to get the best internet deals possible? Want to get internet without cable? Use my internet Zip Code search tool to find out what’s being offered in your area!

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