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Best HDMI Cables 2018—The Top Three HDMI Cables

However your entertainment center is set up, one of these three HDMI cords should get the job done.

Best Choice
Best Budget
Best 15-foot
Monoprice Select SeriesAmazonBasics HDMI CableBlueRigger HDMI Cable
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Best Choice
Monoprice Select Series
Buy Now
Best Budget
Best 15-foot
AmazonBasics HDMI CableBlueRigger HDMI Cable
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Whether you’re streaming or gaming, you need an HDMI cable in your life. You probably already know this, but an HDMI cable is how you connect your Xbox, PS4, Apple TV, Roku, and pretty much every other device to your TV. So, it’s really important.

Out of all the whole wide world of HDMI options, we’ve narrowed your choice down to the three best HDMI cable options. Doesn’t everything feel easier now?

Best OverallThis bad boy is an HDMI-certified, high-speed cable, and they’re also cheap.$6.02–24.23Buy Now
Best Budget BuyIt’s cheap, it’s reliable, it’s guaranteed by Amazon. $5.99–12.99Buy Now
Best 15-foot HDMI CableIt’s the 15-foot HDMI cable that won’t fray and should last you a long time.$15.99Buy Now

Now let’s run through each and explore why they’re worthy of being called the best HDMI cables.

Best overall: Monoprice Select Series HDMI cables

What we like: Handles surround sound, HD, 4K, and more

Drawbacks: A tad more expensive than AmazonBasics

Who it’s perfect for: People with premium devices

The Monoprice Select Series is like the Tesla of HDMI cables. No, it doesn’t come withand make a sandwich for you (do Teslas do that?), but it should work with pretty much any device. You can buy it now on Amazon.

Affordability meets reliability

What sets Monoprice a cut above the competition is how it works with everything—and still manages to stay pretty cheap.

When we say the cable works with everything, we mean it. Everything from a Roku to surround-sound speakers to 3D TVs, the Monoprice is compatible with pretty much everything. You don’t want to go through the disappointment of buying an HDMI cord only to find out it doesn’t support your brand new 3D TV.

Going with a brand name like Monoprice also means you can count on this HDMI for many years to come. Cheaper HDMI cables can go on the fritz pretty quickly, but after 100 streaming hours and counting, the Monoprice HDMI cable continues going strong.

Here’s to 100 more hours of Flip or Flop on the Roku.

Some customization options

For the next-level organizers, Monoprice HDMI cables come in different colors and sizes. That way, you can have a different colored HDMI cable for every device you own.

Trust us—when you’re setting things up behind the TV, it will make your life much easier. You can have a red HDMI cord for your PlayStation 4, a green HDMI cord for your Apple TV, and a blue cord for your surround sound. Now that’s next-level organization.

Speaking of customization, if you want a 15-foot or longer cord, we’d recommend scanning down to the BlueRigger HDMI cable below.

Best budget buy: AmazonBasics HDMI cable

What we like: Super cheap

Drawbacks: Not as pretty as the other two options

Who it’s perfect for: People looking for a simple, cheap solution

If you’re looking for a simple and inexpensive HDMI cable without any bells or whistles, look no further. You’ll never guess where you can buy an AmazonBasics HDMI cord . . . (hint: you can buy it from Amazon).

Cheap but it gets the job done

Let’s say you just inherited a Roku from a friend, but they lost the HDMI cord. You’re not looking for an HDMI cord that will support 3D TVs or surround-sound speakers. You just want something that will quickly get the job done.

Well, the AmazonBasics HDMI cord screams simplicity. It’s cheap and it’s easy—just plug it into your device and TV, and you’re done.

Just don’t act surprised if your HDMI cord starts to act a little fishy after a year or two. You might start to see video pictures going in and out, or if you’re lucky, you’ll see funky colors for a second or two. Hey, if it’s going to bug out on you, might as well be colorful and entertaining.

AmazonBasics products weren’t meant to last for years to come, but they’ll certainly get the job done in the meantime.

You can also get a cheap 15-foot AmazonBasics HDMI cord

Just because something is cheap, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should buy it. Usually the longer the cable, the more likely it will burn out or get damaged. And as far as durability goes, AmazonBasics isn’t the most reliable, which makes its 15-foot cable a bit of a risk.

If your HDMI cable does get damaged, the AmazonBasics limited warranty lasts a year, so make sure to take advantage of it if things start going south.

Best 15-foot cord: BlueRigger 15-foot HDMI cable

What we like: Pet-friendly, nylon-braided cable

Drawbacks: A bit more expensive

Who it’s perfect for: People who need a reliable long cable

Are you trying to connect two things far away from each other? The BlueRigger 15-foot HDMI cable is the most reliable long cable we’ve tested. You can buy it now on Amazon.

An HDMI cable that you can rely on

If you want to set up an HDMI connection that’s built to last, the BlueRigger HDMI cable fits the bill. Over the course of testing, we did all sorts of goofy things: stretching the cable, jumping on the cable, and we even let one of our dogs gnaw on the cable for a second. The BlueRigger HDMI cable survived the gauntlet and thus deserved the title of most reliable HDMI cable.

The longer the HDMI cable, the more likely you are to run into damage. Trust us: pets will chew long cords when you’re not looking, wires can fray without you knowing, and kids can yank the extra length when you’re out of sight. You shouldn’t need to worry about all that. The BlueRigger HDMI cable is built to sustain any sort of trauma typical cables might endure.

Different sizes, same reliability

As is the case with any respectable HDMI cable provider, you have your pick of different sizes. Fortunately, no matter what size of HDMI cable you choose from this brand you can expect the same pet-proof quality. BlueRigger even offers cables as long as 25 feet, just in case you need the longest HDMI cable in the world. Like maybe you need to connect those massive screens in Time Square to your PlayStation or something.

Also, we know this doesn’t matter, but the nylon-braided cable feels very nice to the touch. Is that weird to say? Too late. The cable is fun to feel, okay?

There’s an HDMI cable for everybody

If you’ve spent any time researching HDMI cables, you’ll know that there are literally thousands of options. We can’t vouch for every HDMI cable out there, but rest assured that the three we mentioned here will get the job done.

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