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The 5 Best YouTube Channels to Watch Movies Online Legally

While there aren't a lot of ways to watch movies online legally with most YouTube channels, there are some great movie related content channels.


I don’t know about you, but one of the first streaming services I hit when I’m trying to watch movies online that I can’t find is YouTube. I usually find what I’m looking for, too. It’s easy to watch movies on Youtube, though if you’re worried about the legal ramifications if you watch movies on YouTube, you don’t have to be. YouTube does a good job at removing things that are against copyright, so if you find something available it should be fine.

As an early user of the Internet, one of the first things I recall learning how to do was how to watch movies on Youtube. When the site was first introduced, I was enthralled with it, as many people were and still are. There wasn’t much like it. It really was one of the original streaming sites. There are plenty of channels that allow you to watch movies on Youtube. You can also watch movie related content.

Do you want to know how to watch movies on Youtube? If so, here are 5 channels you should check out.




While this doesn’t allow you to watch movies online, it’s filled with movie related content. Most notably are the Honest Trailers. If you haven’t seen these, you are missing out. These hilarious trailers are available for some of the most popular movies produced. ScreenJunkies also offers a variety of other movie-related content. ScreenJunkies also has a Movie Fights series worth checking out, too.


How It Should Have Ended


So, there you are. You hit the end of a movie and you’re disappointed. You watch movies online all the time, but this one leaves something to be desired. In short, the ending sucked. Well, enter, How it Should Have Ended. These folks are aware that some films need new endings and they are nice enough to give them to you. They offer animated sketches that provide alternate (better) endings for some pretty popular movies. Also included are movie reviews and behind-the-scenes videos.


Your Movie Sucks


Sometimes bad movies are amazing. Sometimes bad movies just suck. In any case, these videos will tell you why a bad movie is bad. That said, they also pay homage to the bad movies that are so bad they are actually good (more of those exist than you might think). If you’re looking for terrible movies this is a good first stop before you watch movies online.


Cinema Sins


Are you one of those people who watches a movie and immediately notices the mistakes? If that’s you, Cinema Sins is the channel you need to watch! Each video breaks down errors in filming and other movie mistakes. These videos will probably even offer some mistakes you didn’t notice in films the first time you watched them! The Everything Wrong With series breaks down everything from plot holes to other illogical film flaws.


Screen Rant


The great thing about Screen Rant is the overall general movie-lover nature of it all. There is something here for everyone from bloopers to movie theory. Content is uploaded regularly and there is always something interesting to watch. Screen Rant is a little less series-focused than some of the other channels here, so your best bet is to look around and see which videos appeal to you the most.

Do you like to watch movies online? If so, let us know where you’re doing it, and which Youtube channels are your favorites!

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