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How to Cancel Time Warner Cable TV: Step by Step Instructions

Wondering how to cancel Time Warner cable TV? Inside, learn all about how to cancel TWC. You can even cancel Time Warner Cable and keep internet!

Making the decision to ditch cable can be a difficult one. Once you’ve decided to cut the cord you will soon realize that doing so isn’t so cut and dry. As with Comcast Xfinity TV, Time Warner (which has been bought by Charter and rebranded as Spectrum) makes it hard to cancel TWC service. It may be tedious and frustrating, however don’t be discouraged. Cancelling Time Warner Cable is possible, even in the face of the roadblocks Time Warner puts up. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of Time Warner Cable.


How to Cancel Time Warner Cable

A quick poke around the Time Warner website offers the following information in regard to cancelling your service:

You may request that your cable service be disconnected at any time. To avoid further liability, all equipment must be returned at the time of disconnection. Contact us for more information.

Surprise, surprise. Time Warner/Spectrum doesn’t allow you to cancel TWC online. Instead, the company requires you to call their customer service department.

A quick Google search will uncover a bevy of horror stories and complaints about how awful this “service” really is. Just like Comcast, Time Warner/Spectrum does not want people to cancel their service. To prevent them from doing so, they make the process confusing and frustrating. Don’t get discouraged. With a little patience and tenacity, you’ll see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Calling to Cancel Time Warner Cable

Upon calling the Time Warner customer service department, you will be confronted with a seemingly never-ending series of automated menus. Be patient and don’t be lulled to sleep by the monotonous tone of the robo-voice. Eventually you’ll hear an option to cancel your service. Selecting that should put you through to an actual human being in Time Warner’s retention department. Double check to make sure you’re speaking with someone in retention, otherwise you’ll end up bouncing around their customer service department having to repeat yourself.

Just like Comcast, the people who work in Time Warner’s retention department are trained to retain you as a customer. As with Comcast there are a handful of ways to ensure your service is cancelled with limited rebuttals. The easiest and most practical is to say that you are moving. Of course Time Warner is prepared for that. The rep will want to know where you’re moving in order to investigate whether they can simply transfer their service to the new location.

You can conduct some research online to see where Time Warner has lapses in coverage and say you’re moving to one of those parts of the country. Some folks like to make up elaborate lies about being transferred to exotic places, but if you have a hard time lying or remembering details, keep it simple. One of the easiest methods is to say that you’re moving into an apartment that bundles Internet and TV with the rent, and therefore would like to cancel Time Warner Cable.

If you want to cancel Time Warner Cable and keep internet, you’ll have to express that clearly to the customer service representative. They’ll likely try to offer you a better deal to get you to keep the cable package, but stay persistent and respectful until they give in.

Also, note that if you’re under contract, there may or may not be a Time Warner Cable early termination fee. It depends when you signed up, and what the terms of the contract you signed were.


Returning the Equipment

Remember when Time Warner said that your equipment must be returned at the time of disconnection? They’re not joking around. They will definitely bill you for any outstanding equipment, so while you’re speaking to a customer service rep, it’s a good idea to have them list everything that needs to be returned.

With your list of equipment handy, start rounding it all up. We recommend taking photos of everything from your modem to your remote controls. It may sound like overkill, but it’s smart to have a record of every single piece.

There are two methods to return the equipment. The first is to lug it all down to a Time Warner store to hand it in in person. If you choose to do it this way, make sure they give you a receipt itemizing everything that you’ve brought back. This way you’ll have evidence if something is lost and they try to claim you never returned it. It’s also a good idea to scan or take a photo of your receipt, just in case you misplace it.

The second option is to send it all back in a pre-paid box. If you decide to send your equipment back this way, photograph all of the equipment in the box before you ship it off.



Finally, call Time Warner back and confirm that your account has been closed. Ensure that you don’t have an outstanding balance and that all of their equipment has been returned. If the answers to those questions are a yes, then your account should be closed in their system. Congratulations, you’ve successfully cancelled Time Warner cable!


Now What? Try DIRECTV NOW!

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Cutting the Time Warner cable cord can be a liberating experience, especially for your wallet. While you’re not paying large sums of money for a slew of channels you never watch, you are now faced with a hefty sized hole in your entertainment options. So whats a good cord cutter to do?

You’ve probably already gotten your hands on a digital HD antenna. You may even have a subscription to a streaming service like Netflix or Hulu. But what about your favorite live television stations like CNN or ESPN? Luckily, a new service called DIRECTV NOW can give you access to many of the channels you used to watch, without paying an exorbitant amount for channels you don’t.

With three different packages starting at $35/month, DirecTV NOW is an “all killer, no filler” approach to live television. The basic package includes 60+ channels, with up to 120+ available in total. With regional sports packages and premium cable channels like HBO and Starz, it’s a more streamlined, and more affordable option than cable. The best part is you don’t need any additional equipment, and there are no lock-in contracts, meaning you can cancel at any time. There’s even a free 7-day trial available!

Cutting the cord used to mean having to sacrifice all of the channels you loved. With streaming options becoming more affordable and offering a wider variety of content, there’s never been a better time to ditch your contract. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and cancel Time Warner cable now!

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