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How to Watch Christian TV and Christian Movies Online

Looking for a wholesome alternative to Cable TV? Here's my complete guide to watching Christian TV and Christian Movies online.

Sometimes it seems difficult to find programming with good wholesome values. And trying to keep your kids from seeing inappropriate content on TV can feel like a never-ending task. For many people of faith, cable TV seems to be nothing more than a way to let sex, violence, and foul language into the home. There has to be a way to watch Christian TV and Christian movies online, right? Absolutely.

The fact is that there are many streaming options available for Christians. From exclusive faith-based services like Dove Channel and Pure Flix to the Christian channels available on the Roku and the Religion and Spirituality section of Amazon Prime, here’s an in-depth guide to cord cutting options for conservative Christian families.


Christian Streaming Services

In recent years, a handful of streaming services have launched that focus solely on faith-based content and Christian TV streaming. Here’s a breakdown of existing services that allow you to watch Christian TV online and enjoy Christian movies online on your own schedule.


Dove Channel (Our Top Pick!)

After months and months of searching and trying out streaming services for Christian movies online, we’ve decided to declare an undisputed champion: the Dove Channel. While there are other good services out there (as you’ll see below), the fact is that Dove Channel is the cream of the crop.

Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Rating system–The Dove Channel has created its own detailed rating system so you’ll know exactly what your family will be watching before you ever hit play.
  • Content–With content ranging from Return to Nim’s Island, Fraggle Rock, and Veggie Tales to faith-based movies like Left Behind and Reconciliation, there’s plenty for everyone.
  • Price–You know all that great content we told you about? It’s cheaper than Netflix, Hulu, and all those other popular mainstream streaming services. Right now, Dove Channel is running a special deal – $11.99 for 3 months of service (regularly $14.97). Use the coupon code “GETDOVE” to take advantage of this great offer.

The best part is that you can take the service for a test drive at no cost. After that, enjoy access to the entire Dove Channel library streamed to your mobile device or even your TV through a Roku streaming player…all for only $4.99 per month or just $11.99 for 3 full months when you sign up with coupon code “GETDOVE”! Check out our Dove Channel review for more info.


Pure Flix

Pure Flix has a solid library of wholesome family content. The site is professional and easy to navigate, reminiscent of Netflix. And there are plenty of ways to view on your computer, mobile device, etc. It’s even available on Roku and other streaming devices, allowing you to stream to your TV. Pureflix movies are some of the best Christian movies available online.

Pure Flix offers two subscription options. You can either pay $7.99 per month, or a discounted rate of $92.99 for an annual subscription. Either way, you’ll get full access to Pure Flix movies and their entire library of great Christian content! Check out our Pure Flix review for more details about the streaming service.

Want to check it out before you pay? Try the free 30-day trial here, and watch some free Christian movies online while exploring the service!


Parables TV

Parables TV features original series, documentaries, movies, children’s programming, and even reviews of Christian movies. The best part is that it offers both live programming and on-demand content for only $5.99 per month. This gives you the choice of tuning into their live station online, or browsing their library of wholesome shows, documentaries, and movies. So whether you’re looking for a particular type of programming, or you simply want background noise, you can find it here.

Parables TV is compatible with Apple and Android mobile devices, Apple TV, and Roku. You can also stream through your web browser on your computer. Click here and you can take advantage of their free 30-day trial and watch Christian TV online free!


Christian Cinema

Tired of renting movies only to be forced to turn them off halfway in due to inappropriate or offensive subject matter? Christian Cinema seeks to ensure this never happens again. Focusing exclusively on Christian movies, Christian Cinema offers DVD rentals, sales, and even on-demand streaming. Think of it as Netflix-meets-Amazon Prime Instant Video for Christian movies.

To me, the strength of Christian Cinema is their DVD rental program. For only $9 per month, you can rent unlimited DVDs each month and receive them through the mail. The selection for faith-based movies is pretty deep, especially if you’re looking for hard-to-find independent films.

Rather watch movies on demand? Christian Cinema allows you to rent or purchase movies to watch online. And if you want to own a physical copy of a movie, you can buy the DVD and receive it in the mail.

Try Christian Cinema now with the free 2-week trial!


EnLive TV

Brought to you by the minds behind Christian Library on Demand, EnLive TV is a family-friendly streaming service you can get through your Smart TV. With a constantly growing library, EnLive promises programming for every member of the family.

EnLive offers a wide variety of subscriptions. You can subscribe for $4.99 a month, or $55.00 annually with one month free. There are also many other subscription options of various lengths in between.



features hundreds of Christian TV shows and movies of various genres. At $4.99 per month, you get full access to their complete library on your computer and mobile devices. They don’t offer a free trial, but you can cancel at any time.

The site itself is pretty easy to navigate. You’re able to sift through their content before you register, which is pretty useful. With content being added regularly, this appears to be a legitimate, growing option for cord cutters looking to watch Christian movies online.



The Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN) is the world’s largest religious network, and now it’s all available online on demand at no cost. All you have to do to watch TBN online is download the app to your mobile device, and you can get access to over 10,000 hours of Christian TV. You can use the service to enjoy free Christian movies online!

Types of programming available include Christian movies, children’s shows, documentaries, and TBN classic broadcasts. Worth noting is the ability to search by topic. For example, say you want programming on baptism, all you have to do is type “baptism” in the search bar and you’ll get a list of programming related to the topic.



Tapp provides live streaming of niche television channels. These channels are developed around popular personalities. You choose which ones you want and subscribe to them individually for $9.95 each. Current channels include the Herman Cain Channel and New Life TV.

While Tapp isn’t technically a Christian service, New Life TV is a channel focused on Christian teaching and counseling. Led by Steve Arterburn, New Life TV seeks to answer user-generated questions about life, spirituality, happiness, and more. The channels are also interactive, allowing you to video chat with counselors to get personal answers.

Note: The other channels currently provided are not Christian channels, but are socially conservative, which often crosses over.


Christian Channels Featured on Roku

Roku is a set-top box streaming device used to get streaming content to your television. While there are others on the market, I recommend Roku for many reasons. For the purposes of this article, one of the biggest benefits of Roku is it’s deep library of Christian TV channels.

When you purchase a Roku and connect it to your TV, you can choose from countless faith-based and family channels. Simply download the app to your Roku and begin streaming. The best part is, many of the channels are free!

Here’s a glimpse at some of the most popular Christian streaming channels available:

  • TBN
  • Daystar
  • Joyce Meyer Ministries
  • HisChannel
  • CBN TV
  • God TV

You also get access to family-friendly channels such as PBS Kids, Popcorn Flix, and Family TV.

What it comes down to is that you are going to need a set-top box to stream content to your television. If you go with the Roku, you will gain access to tons of Christian and family-friendly content, mostly for free. It’s the perfect choice for the Christian cord cutter.

You can get your Roku 3 here. Also keep in mind that if you register for 3 months of Sling TV (which features Cartoon Network, ABC Family, Disney, HGTV, and more) you can get a Roku 3 for 50% off!


Mainstream Streaming Services and Their Family and Faith-based Content

Some of the largest, most popular streaming services also feature wholesome content, making them another avenue for watching Christian TV shows and Christian movies online. The trick is knowing where to look.



Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

DIRECTV NOW is a popular streaming service that offers users an easy way to watch tons of live TV without cable. 60+ channels are included, such as HGTV, Food Network, FOX News, ESPN, and much more. There’s tons of family-friendly content available, and you can use the service on all your favorite streaming devices – oh, and the service is free to try! Click here to try a free 7-day trial – after that, you’ll pay $35/month with no contract.

Sling TV

$25 - $40
26 - 58

One of the worst things about cable is that you’re forced to pay a ton for a bunch of channels that you never watch. Sling TV has answered this complaint by making a small bundle of cable channels available online for a reasonable price. $20 per month gets you channels like ESPN, HGTV, the Food Network, and more. Best of all, you’re not locked into a contract, so you can cancel at any time.

While it’s not a Christian service, there are some good family options. For example, the basic package includes ABC Family along with Disney and Cartoon Network for the kids. For $5 extra per month, you can get the Kids Extra package which gives you Baby TV, Boomerang, Duck TV, Disney Jr., and Disney HD. Try it free here for 7 days!

Update: T-Mobile customers can now save 30% when signing up for a new Sling TV account. For a whole year, you and your family can enjoy Sling TV’s Sling Orange package — 30+ channels — for $14 a month. If you’re a T-Mobile customer, you likely already know about T-Mobile’s Binge On feature, so you know that you can stream videos — even Sling TV — at no extra charge. To learn more about this offer, sign into your T-Mobile account here.

Amazon Prime

Also Great

Amazon Prime, which features a free 30-day trial, not only gives you free 2-day shipping, but also gives you access to a seemingly endless library of movies and TV shows. The service features a Religion and Spirituality section with plenty of content directed at Christians. For those looking for practical faith-based answers to life’s problems, the Christian Solutions series is worth looking into. From answering questions like “Why Me?” to healing broken marriages, the series available on Prime may be able to help.

Looking for wholesome content for your kids? Prime features the Torchlighters series, which focuses on the stories of real life faith heroes. This is a great way to show your kids how religion has played a role in the lives of historical figures.

It’s worth noting that the Religion and Spirituality section is not Christian-exclusive. So you’ll find content from other religions mixed in.

Amazon Prime also carries some popular Christian movies mixed throughout their other content. With content constantly being updated, you can use their search feature to see if they have what you are looking for. Click here for a free 30-day trial.


Also Great

is the most popular streaming service in the world. Their catalogue runs deep, so it’s no surprise that they include a Faith and Spirituality section in their service. However, it’s important to note that this category is not termed “Christian” for a reason. While all films in the section deal with spirituality in some manner, many of them don’t deal directly with Christianity.

If you’re looking for Christian programming for your children, Netflix does have a bit to offer. Most notably, Netflix has rebooted the ever-popular Veggie Tales, staying true to the original series with each episode focusing on a lesson based in Christianity. Netflix also occasionally carries cartoons featuring stories from the Bible. Currently they are running Joseph: King of Dreams.



Also Great

YouTube gives you a wide range of Christian content. From teachings to music to comedy, there’s something for Christians from all walks of life. Here are some of the most popular Christian YouTube channels.

  • Blimey Cow–If you don’t take yourself too seriously, check out this comedy about Christian life.
  • K-Love–Looking for Christian music? K-Love is a popular contemporary Christian radio station featuring the top CCM artists.
  • The Bible Project–Walk through the narrative of the Bible by book or theme.
  • chaseGodtv–Exploring Christian values through song, speech, and poetry.

Keep in mind that many popular preachers like Joel Osteen and Joyce Meyer also post videos and sermons online. So if you’re looking for teachings on faith to watch during the week, YouTube likely has what you’re looking for.


Access Christian TV Content with Your Antenna

While you may be looking to watch your Christian TV shows and Christian movies online, you also may find that an antenna can come in useful. Many people I talk to about cord cutting are shocked when they find out just how much HD programming they can access for free with an antenna. There are the big broadcast networks like NBC and Fox, the children’s network Qubo, and even Christian broadcasting networks.

The two best known Christian television stations are TBN and Daystar. Both are nationally televised, so you have a good chance of picking them up if you live close to a major city. Most programming revolves around preaching and religious talk shows, but you may also find some Christian entertainment sprinkled throughout.

There are also a ton of regional religious stations. Some are available on cable, while others are available through your OTA antenna. Whichever the case, what part of the United States you live in dictates what faith-based stations you will receive. You can get an idea of what stations you can receive by going to TV Fool and entering your address.

Need an antenna recommendation? I use the Mohu Leaf, which works great for me in the city. If you require something a bit more powerful, you can try their Sky outdoor antenna.


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