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Syfy Live Stream: How to Watch Syfy Without Cable

Best Streaming Providers for Syfy



Live a Little

DIRECTV NOW offers loads of great channels for an overall cheap price. Channel flippers will love this one.
Free Trial



Sling TV offers small channel packages so the price you pay is much cheaper. Perfect for budget buyers.
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Access Package

PlayStation Vue offers top-notch streaming quality, lots of channels to choose from, and unlimited cloud DVR.
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Syfy Channel is a cable station that offers television shows in the sci-fi, fantasy, paranormal, horror, reality, drama, and supernatural genres. The current lineup of shows includes Z Nation, Geeks Who Drink, Wizard Wars, Ghost Hunters, The Magicians, Wynonna Earp, and 12 Monkeys. Do these sound like the kind of shows you would like to watch? If so, we’re here to tell you everything about how to watch Syfy online!

Syfy Channel offers plenty of great shows. If you’re a cord cutter you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your favorite shows when you drop that unnecessary bill. Luckily, you don’t have to. From the Syfy live stream to on-demand options, there are plenty of ways to watch Syfy online. This guide will tell you all of the ways you can stream Syfy.


Stream Syfy Channel Online on DIRECTV NOW

Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

No matter what your favorite cable channel is, it’s highly likely that one of DIRECTV NOW’s packages offer it. From AMC to USA, DIRECTV NOW has you covered with over one hundred popular channels including ESPN, HBO, and Starz. Packages begin at $35 a month. While Sling TV is the most affordable option, DIRECTV NOW (review) might be better for people looking for more channels that don’t want mobile restrictions that they get from PlayStation Vue. Both mobile and streaming devices work with DIRECTV NOW.

You can kick off your membership with a free weeklong trial. All you need to do is sign up! Want a free Amazon Fire TV stick? Prepay for a full month and it’s yours! Stay up to date with the current DIRECTV NOW deals and make sure to sign up for your free trial!


Watch Syfy Online via Sling TV

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is a great way to access Syfy live stream online. This streaming service offers 40+ channels in the “Sling Blue” package, including Syfy, CNN, FX, AMC, FS1, Comedy Central, TBS and more.

Amazingly, Sling Blue is only $25 a month with no contract required. That means that you’ll pay less than a dollar a day to gain access to some of the best TV networks out there, all available to stream live from most major devices.

All you need is a Sling TV subscription, an internet connection, and a compatible device. You can watch Syfy on Apple TV, Roku, computers, mobile devices, Chromecast, smart TVs, Xbox One, and much more. Watch at home or on the go, whenever and wherever you want!

If you don’t have a device to use, Sling TV always offers some sort of sign up bonus when you prepay for 3 months or more of service. Right now, it’s either a $60 discount off an Apple TV (the cheapest way to watch Syfy on Apple TV!), or a completely free Roku 2! These deals do change from time to time, but if you follow the link you’ll see the current offer from Sling TV.

Learn more about this service in our detailed review of Sling TV. Or, if you’re ready to give it a shot, click here to begin a free 7-day trial.


Watch the Syfy Channel Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

With PlayStation Vue, you receive 50+ channels and an on-demand library for under $30. In addition to the Syfy Channel live stream, you get channels like AMC, A&E, Bravo, Lifetime, ESPN, TNT, and many others. Local channels are available in live stream if you live in certain areas, with more being added soon.

If you don’t have a live stream of ABC, NBC, etc, the shows from these will be delivered into your on-demand library the day after they air on TV. You can use Vue (review) to watch Syfy on Roku, PS3 or PS4, iPad/iPhone, Amazon Fire TV, or Chromecast. One thing to be aware of that concerns mobile users is that Vue ties you to your home location. If you’d like a free trial of this new service, you can easily sign up for one here.


Stream Syfy Channel with Hulu

Also Great
$39.99 - $43.99

Hulu is an amazing streaming service that offers both current and former shows (including some full seasons) and a variety of blockbuster and classic films. New episodes arrive as quickly as a day after they air on TV. Hulu has a wide range of Syfy shows including 12 Monkeys, Battlestar Galactica, The Magicians, and many other Syfy shows. Prices are more than fair. If you don’t mind commercials you can pay just $7.99 a month. If commercials aren’t your thing you can pay $11.99 a month. Hulu works with most streaming devices.

Check out our full review of Hulu here and make sure to sign up for your free 1-week trial!


Where Else can I Watch the Syfy Live Stream?

Right now there are no other live stream services that offer Syfy. That said, there are always changes and additions to the channel lineup for streaming services, so it may be available by other services in the future. Also, new services are going to be released in the future including services like the upcoming VIDGO and Hulu’s live TV service.


Other Ways to Stream Syfy Channel Online

You can even buy your favorite Syfy shows if you want. Single episodes only cost a few bucks and you can save some money when you buy the season pass. This ensures that you get the best price for the seasons you buy and that you don’t miss any episodes. Note; these services don’t provide SyFy live stream, but are useful for on-demand viewing.

  • Amazon Instant Video: Amazon has $2 single episodes and all current shows have the option of a season pass. You’ll get new episodes as soon as the next day. You can watch Amazon videos on most streaming devices.
  • Vudu: Vudu offers plenty of great sales and free episodes. Normal prices include $2 episodes and season passes. You can watch episodes on most streaming devices. New episodes are delivered within 24-hours.
  • iTunes: iTunes has episodes for $3 and most shows have season passes. Episodes are delivered the day after they air and you can view them on Apple devices.

If you have questions about how to get your Syfy live stream, you can leave them in the comments. Make sure to take a look at our other guides for some pretty great tips about watching TV shows online. And don’t forget to take a look at our ISP search tool if you’re looking a deal on Internet services.

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