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Polaris+ Live Stream: How to Watch Polaris+ Online Without Cable

Polaris+ is an online network launched exclusively by Maker Studios for viewers of Sling TV. Maker already offers Polaris, a network designed for video gamers, technophiles, and pop culture aficionados, but creating exclusive content available as part of the basic Sling TV package was a smart and calculated move to target the generation of millennial cable cutters. Since Sling TV includes the channel, it’s easy to watch Polaris+ online – we’ll show you how to access the Polaris+ live stream below.

The programming available on Polaris+ will be first-run, long form content which differs slightly from the format of Maker’s other Sling TV channel. You can watch Polaris+ live stream and have access to the shows for 3 days using the services on-demand feature. Polaris+, and its parents company Maker, are changing the game for online streaming content. By working with live stream service such as Sling TV they are taking internet only content from the PC to the TV seamlessly.


Watch Polaris+ Online with Sling TV

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$25 - $40
26 - 58

Sling TV is the future of television. This isn’t your parent’s TV network. It isn’t even like G4, a now defunct cable network that aired the latest news about technology and pop culture. Polaris+, brought to us by Maker Studios, is the next generation of online content covering the best of video games, technology, comics and more. Polaris+, the Sling TV exclusive version of the Polaris online channel, offers amazing programming for fans of modern technology and entertainment.

The network airs long format versions of popular shows like Friend Zone, hosted by popular YouTuber Dodger Lawson. Sling TV is on the cutting edge of live stream programming by partnering with Maker Studios to bring Polaris+ to a new audience, but Sling offers a whole lot more than just Polaris+ live stream. The History Channel, The Travel Channel, The Food Network, and ESPN are all included in the Sling TV channels. Don’t want to miss The Walking Dead? That’s here too on AMC! With so much content, you’d expect a sky-high price – but the actual price might surprise you.

Sling TV’s basic package is only $20 per month with no annual contract. Yep, twenty bucks a month. And, you can cancel at any time – no more 12 month contracts. You can even try out the service with a free 7-day trial before you decide to keep it or not.

Sling TV is flexible in that you can use it from a variety of devices. All you need is an internet connection and a compatible device, and you’re good to go. Use Sling to watch Polaris+ on Apple TV, Roku, your computer, streaming device (Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, etc), or mobile device (iOS and Android). Don’t have a streaming device? No problem – you can get a Roku 2 for free when you sign up for 3 months of Sling TV. How’s that for a deal!

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Other Ways to Watch Polaris+ Online

The basic Polaris offerings are available directly on any PC with an internet connection, but the Polaris+ programming is exclusive to Sling TV Customers. You can’t find this content anywhere else, so if you’re interested, try Sling TV today!

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