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NFL Redzone Live Stream | How To Watch NFL Redzone Online

NFL RedZone features whip-around coverage of every play from the red zone. With it, you can watch every touchdown—even from out-of-market games.

Best Streaming Providers for NFL RedZone



Core Package

PlayStation Vue is a reliable way to catch scoring drives from every NFL game, with smooth livestreams, unlimited DVR storage, and a good selection of sports channels.
Free Trial



Sling TV is the cheapest way to access an NFL RedZone livestream, so it’s great for budget cord-cutters—even if it’s not the most reliable option.
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fuboTV is a decent streaming service that features NFL RedZone for an average price. It’s also great if you’re into the other kind of football.
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NFL RedZone is a football fan’s dream channel—with chiseled-jawed commentators and all. It delivers live coverage of every major scoring drive during the regular season, so you never have to miss a touchdown. And the best part? It’s all commercial free.

So how do you watch this pinnacle of pro football coverage? Here are the best ways we’ve found.

Best ways to get NFL RedZone

PlayStation Vue, Sling TV, fuboTV, and DISH are our top four picks for watching the NFL RedZone channel.

PlayStation Vue features the best all-around package for NFL fans. In addition to NFL RedZone, you get ESPN, the NFL Network, and decent local channel offerings for all those games on CBS, FOX, and NBC. You can record as many games as you want with the unlimited DVR. And the service itself super reliable, so you don’t have to worry about your stream cutting out right as Tom Brady throws a game-winning pass.

Sling TV gets our number-two pick because it’s the cheapest way to get NFL RedZone. It costs just $35 per month to get NFL RedZone access—$20 less per month than either PlayStation Vue or fuboTV—but it doesn’t offer CBS. We don’t know about you, but we’d rather pay a bit more per month to make sure we get every game.

fuboTV is a decent middle-of-the-road option. It’s pretty reliable and the cost is average compared to the other options. But it doesn’t have ESPN, which means hardcore NFL fans can’t get every game. Really, what will make this service stand out is if you’re also a fan of lots of other sports too, like soccer or cycling.

And then there’s DISH.

We really recommend DISH only if you’re not able (or willing) to cut the cord. DISH is reliable, sure. But it’s also expensive and requires a two-year commitment. Frankly, we don’t think it’s worth it just for RedZone unless you live in an area where internet is too slow to make cord-cutting an option.

#1 PlayStation Vue: The best overall experience for watching NFL RedZone

Best Choice

Core Package

50+ Channels
Need to add the Sports Pack to gain access to NFL RedZone

This service is available on these devices

Free Trial

What we like: Smooth, glitch-free streaming

Drawbacks: More expensive than Sling TV

Who it’s perfect for: NFL fanatics who want to catch every play

Watching NFL RedZone on PlayStation Vue is like swimming in a fluffy cloud of peanut-buttery smooth football coverage. And yes, it is as satisfying as it sounds.

By that we mean PlayStation Vue streams are reliable, so you don’t have to worry about your stream being too fuzzy to tell whether Julio Jones got both feet in the endzone. And your Sunday afternoon NFL watch party won’t get derailed by prolonged buffering issues—which we think justifies the fact that it costs $20 more per month than Sling TV.

How to get NFL RedZone on PlayStation Vue

Because NFL RedZone is a commercial-free channel, it’s usually available only as part of a sports pack or add-on. So if you want to get NFL RedZone on PS Vue, you’ll need to sign up for a Core package or higher ($44.99+ per month) and add the Sports Pack ($10 per month). That’s a grand total of $54.99 per month minimum. But hey, at least you don’t have a contract or equipment fees, right?

Smooth streaming experience with PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue’s super reliable stream is extra important with NFL RedZone, considering every play shown on the channel could be a game changer.

And since you have to sign up for the Core package and Sports Pack in order to get NFL RedZone, you’ll also get access to just about every sports channel you can think of.

That’s great news for anyone who wants to watch the NFL on Thursday and Monday nights too.

PlayStation Vue DVR

If you’re looking for a TV service that’s more than a football delivery system, PlayStation Vue’s DVR is a major selling point for the service.

PS Vue’s DVR offers unlimited recording space, so you can record as many episodes of ESPN’s SportsCenter as you want without losing anything. The only caveat? You can keep your recordings for only 28 days.

That’s not great, but considering most NFL RedZone watchers won’t use their DVR to record Sunday afternoon football coverage, it may be a moot point for your household. After all, if you’re watching it to keep tabs on your fantasy players, watching later does you no good. And NFL RedZone doesn’t have commercials, so there’s no point in recording coverage to avoid Papa John’s commercials.

But if you’re trying to binge-watch entire seasons of your favorite show, the 28-day time limit could be a dealbreaker. 

PlayStation Vue device compatibility

If you’re wondering whether you need a PlayStation to use PlayStation Vue, let us stop you right there. You don’t.

PlayStation Vue is available on tons of devices besides PlayStation consoles. In fact, it’s also available with Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV along with other devices.

#2 Sling TV: The best budget buy for NFL RedZone access

Great Option


44+ Channels
Need to add the Sports Extra plan to gain access to NFL RedZone

This service is available on these devices

Free Trial

What we like: Cheap price

Drawbacks: Glitchy streams, complicated packages, and no CBS

Who it’s perfect for: Cord-cutters who want NFL RedZone for the lowest possible price

Can you watch RedZone online with Sling TV? Yes. In fact, it’s the cheapest way to watch NFL RedZone. That makes it an ideal choice for cord-cutters on a budget.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is Sling TV tends to glitch, especially on slower internet connections. And because Sling TV packages are weirdly complicated, you could wind up paying almost as much as you would with PlayStation Vue or fuboTV just to get both ESPN and the NFL Network.

Oh, and did we mention you can’t watch this year’s Super Bowl using Sling TV? That’s a major buzzkill if you want an all-in-one service that offers everything you need. But if you’re okay with switching inputs every now and then so you can get your local channels via over-the-air antenna, Sling TV is a great way to save a few bucks per month.

Sling TV pricing

To get NFL RedZone on Sling TV, you have to sign up for the Sling Blue package ($25 per month) or higher. Then you have to add the Sports Extra add-on for another $10 per month.

So when you do the math, Sling TV is definitely the most cost-efficient way to get NFL RedZone. Prices start at $35 per month, so it’s $20 less than PlayStation Vue (our number-one pick).

But here’s the problem: the Sling Blue package doesn’t include ESPN, so you can’t watch any Monday Night Football coverage unless you upgrade to the Sling Orange + Blue package ($40 per month). When you add the Sports Extra, that comes out to $50 per month.

If you’re a dedicated NFL fan, that makes Sling TV only slightly more affordable than PS Vue or fuboTV. And we tend to think it’s worth paying $5 extra to avoid Sling TV’s glitchiness and lagging.

That being said, if you’re interested only in getting NFL RedZone at the lowest price, Sling TV is definitely your best bet.

Glitchy streams and long load times with Sling TV

We know we’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again: Sling TV leaves a lot to be desired in terms of streaming quality.

For some people, Sling TV’s livestream is passable and well worth the lower price. But glitches and slow load times during channel changes only get worse the slower your internet connection is. So if you’re using a cable internet provider or you’re on a low-speed plan, you might want to consider PlayStation Vue or fuboTV instead.

Watching the 2019 Super Bowl with Sling TV

Sling doesn’t really do local channels. In fact, it doesn’t offer CBS at all. Translation: no Super Bowl 2019 with Sling TV unless you get an over-the-air antenna. We recommend the Mohu ReLeaf Indoor Antenna for its range and reliability. Plus, it’s usually pretty cheap on Amazon. Problem solved.

Sling TV DVR

Again, we know most NFL RedZone streamers won’t care about DVR space, which works out because Sling TV’s DVR is nothing to write home about.

Sling TV service actually doesn’t come with a DVR at all. If you want to record anything, you have to add a $5-per-month DVR upgrade to your package. Even then, you get only 50 hours of storage. That’s enough for anyone who just wants to save a game here or there, but it’s certainly not enough to save a week’s worth of primetime shows. On the plus side, you’ll get really good at picking and choosing which shows are important enough to record.

Sling TV device compatibility

Sling TV is compatible with pretty much every major streaming device, so you can watch NFL RedZone just as easily on your phone as on your Apple TV or Roku.

#3 fuboTV: Another way to watch NFL RedZone

Also Great


80+ Channels
Need to add the Sports Plus package to gain access to NFL RedZone

This service is available on these devices

Free Trial

What we like: Sports-centric focus

Drawbacks: No ESPN = no Monday Night Football

Who it’s perfect for: Cord-cutters who want NFL and other sports coverage

If you’re looking for a way to stream NFL RedZone online, fuboTV is a solid choice.

fuboTV was designed with sports fans in mind, meaning you can easily keep tabs on which games are on and when.

But there’s one thing holding back fuboTV from being the perfect streaming service for sports fans—it doesn’t offer ESPN.

Of course, fuboTV does balance that out somewhat with a lot of niche sports networks that other services don’t offer. So if you’re a fan of soccer (aka the original football) and don’t mind missing Monday night NFL games, fuboTV could still be a viable choice.

How much is NFL RedZone on fuboTV?

To get NFL Redzone on fuboTV, you need to sign up for the fubo package. For the first month, it costs $34.99, but after that, it goes up to $44.99 per month. Then you’ll need to add the Sports Plus add-on ($9.99 per month), and there’s no sweet introductory deal on that.

All told, you’ll spend $44.98 for NFL RedZone during your first month with fuboTV. After that, it’s $54.98 per month—about the same as PlayStation Vue.

fuboTV offers decent livestreaming for NFL RedZone

fuboTV offers pretty decent RedZone livestreams—they’re not quite as glitchy as Sling TV but not quite as reliable as PlayStation Vue either.

Diehard fans will also run into similar issues with fubo’s channel offerings as they would with Sling TV. Specifically, you’ll miss out on Monday Night Football since fuboTV doesn’t offer ESPN. 

Long story short: fuboTV is a pretty solid way to watch NFL RedZone online. Just be prepared to sacrifice Monday Night games.

fuboTV DVR

You probably won’t record NFL RedZone coverage, but you can still use fuboTV’s DVR to record your other top shows.

fuboTV packages include a paltry 30 hours of DVR storage, which isn’t great (especially compared to PS Vue’s unlimited DVR space). But if you’re a heavy DVR user, you can upgrade to 500 hours of storage for $9.99 more per month.

fuboTV device compatibility

fuboTV is compatible with all the most widely used streaming devices, so you can watch NFL livestreams on most everything.

Wild Card: DISH—The best way to watch NFL Redzone if streaming isn’t an option

What we like: Reliably good picture quality

Drawbacks: Bloated pricing and long contracts

Who it’s perfect for: NFL fans who don’t have reliable internet

Is a streaming service not going to work for you? Try DISH.

DISH is the only traditional TV provider that both a) is available throughout the USA and b) actually offers NFL RedZone. Of course, DISH definitely makes you pay for it.

To get NFL RedZone, you have to sign up for the America’s Top 120 Plus™ package (or higher). It’ll cost you at least $69.99 per month, assuming you enroll in eAutopay, which gets you a $5-per-month discount. Otherwise, your package will cost at least $74.99 each month.

After that, you’ll need to add the Multi-Sport Pack for an extra $13 per month. The good news is your DVR is included if you have good credit and connect only one TV. But if your credit is bad or you want to watch TV on multiple screens, you’ll have to pay extra equipment fees. Are you sick of all the fine print yet?

That adds up to $82.99 per month—minimum. Woof.

Fortunately, every now and then, DISH will offer Visa cards, free equipment, and other promotions deals. It’s just a matter of timing your sign-up to coincide with a killer deal. You can check DISH’s promotions page to see what’s currently on offer.

“Kick off” the season right

Whether you root for the Pats or the Chargers, NFL football is only as good as your viewing experience. Unless you’re a Browns fan. Then it’s just bad. Sorry.

Hopefully, this guide gets all you non-Browns fans off to the right start this season. Let us know which service you chose and how it’s working for you.

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