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Maker Live Stream: How to Watch Maker Online without Cable

The addition of the Maker Channel on Sling TV is actually the most notable parts of the Dish Network online streaming service that no one is talking about it. It changes everything about the way we access entertainment and information. Maker is not a traditional cable network. It’s a forum for self-made videos, like YouTube. And like most popular online video service it is also becoming a place for non-celebrity voices to share their expertise on a number of subjects, often including technology or other “maker” concepts. Want to watch Maker online? Learn how below.

But what makes the inclusion of Maker on Sling TV important? By including Maker on Sling TV, it is being elevated to the same content status as more traditional cable offerings like HGTV, Food Network, and more. This is an important step in on-demand and streaming entertainment and its inclusion is a big step for online content producers. What you may not know is that Maker was purchased by Walt Disney Co. in 2014 which allows it to offer bigger and broader platform to users than most online video services. This changes the game entirely for creators. Of course, you can watch Maker online without a service such as Sling TV, but that also means that you need to be behind your keyboard to watch. With Maker live stream via Sling TV, you can view the content from the comfort of your sofa on a big screen TV, just like more traditional television.


Watch Maker Online with Sling TV

Best Choice
$25 - $40
26 - 58

The easiest way to watch Maker Channel online is with Sling TV. This online streaming service from Dish Network provides subscribers with 20+ popular cable channels, including the Maker channel. You can use Sling on your computer, mobile devices, and on your TV via a streaming device. Read more in our Sling TV review.

While Maker may not be a household name when it comes to content and TV shows available there are some notable programs that you may want to check out. For fans of everything from video game commentary to fashion, there will be something on Maker. The streaming channel is offering a “Best of Maker” option on Sling TV so you can catch up on a variety of topics. This can bring the channel to a whole new audience.

Of course, Maker won’t be the only channel you have access to when you stream with Sling TV. The service offers IFC, both ESPN and ESPN2, AMC, HTGV, and much more. You can watch all of these networks streaming online for just $20 a month with Sling TV’s basic service. There isn’t a contract to commit to and you can cancel at any time. With Sling, you can watch Maker on Apple TV, Roku, and most other major streaming devices.

If you don’t have a streaming device, Sling TV will give you one for free when you prepay for 3 months of Sling. The current deal is for a free Roku 2, but the deal does change from time to time.

To see if Sling TV is right for you, try their 7-day free trial.


Other Ways to Watch Maker Live Stream Without Cable

Maker is a user-driven content site more like YouTube than other more traditional networks. This means that you do have access to their complete programming online. But keep in mind that the Maker live streaming content is available on Sling TV exclusively. Plus, Sling provides the easiest way to watch Maker content from your couch on your big-screen TV.


What Devices Can You Use to Watch Maker Live Stream?

You can watch Sling TV through your PC but it can also stream directly to your television with the use of a variety of devices. Watch Maker on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One and more. You can also access it through iOS and Android devices to watch when you’re away from home. Will Maker Studios make history and change the way we interact with content online and on TV? You can be a part of this entertainment revolution by watching Maker online with Sling TV.

Now that you know how to watch Maker online, how about your other favorite networks and shows? Head over to our TV show streaming guide to learn about every network and show, and how you can watch them without cable.

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