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Golf Channel Live Stream: How to Watch Golf Channel Online

Best Streaming Providers for Golf Channel



Youtube TV

YouTube TV is simple and reliable, with an unlimited DVR—perfect for golf fans who want to refine their game.
Free Trial


Limited Commercials

Hulu with Live TV gets you the Golf Channel plus tons of on-demand programming to keep the rest of your family entertained.
Free Trial



Sling TV is the most cost-effective way to get the Golf Channel, making it the ideal choice for cord-cutters on a budget.
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Golf Central

The Golf Channel is a staple in any household with a links junkie. The network is the go-to source for golfers, with everything from live coverage of the latest tournaments to the popular Golf Channel Academy instructional video series.

If you’re a golf fan looking to cut the cord, the Golf Channel is a must-have. Here’s everything you need to know to watch the Golf Channel without a cable package.

Best ways to get the Golf Channel without cable

We tend to prefer YouTube TV for streaming the Golf Channel. It includes the Golf Channel for less than you’d pay with PlayStation Vue, and it’s more reliable than DIRECTV NOW or Sling TV. Plus, you’ve got to love that unlimited DVR.

Hulu with Live TV is a close runner-up, but it misses the top spot because its DVR can’t really compete with YouTube TV’s. Its interface also leaves a lot to be desired, but otherwise, it’s a viable choice.

Of course, the cheapest way to get the Golf Channel is with Sling TV. But with its questionable reliability and complicated packages, Sling TV definitely isn’t our number-one choice for anyone looking to replace their cable package. Still, there’s no denying it offers the Golf Channel for the lowest available price.

Still have questions? Here’s the more in-depth rundown of each of these services.

#1 YouTube TV: An all-around good cable replacement

Best Choice

Youtube TV

73+ Channels
Free Trial

What we like: It’s simple and has an unlimited DVR.

Drawbacks: It’s not available everywhere yet.

Who it’s perfect for: Golf fans who follow other sports too

Whether you follow women’s golf or the PGA Tour, live golf coverage is in no short supply with YouTube TV.

YouTube TV features reliable livestreams in 1080p, a healthy selection of channels (including the Golf Channel), and excellent playback controls on live TV, so it’s a good replacement for cable if this is your first foray into cord-cutting.

Oh, and did we mention the unlimited DVR? Yeah. It’s as great as it sounds.

YouTube TV pricing

YouTube TV is simple: there’s one package and one price. That means you get the Golf Channel as part of your $40-per-month plan without having to upgrade anything or spend any more money.

Sure, it’s not the cheapest way to watch the National Championships (that’d be Sling). But it’s only $5 more than the cheapest option, and it gets you a more well-rounded service for the price.

Long story short: YouTube TV is a bit more expensive than Sling TV, but you get a whole lot more value.

Does YouTube TV let me watch the Golf Channel without cable?

Golf Channel on YouTube TV

Most definitely.

With YouTube TV, you can watch any of the golf championships and tournaments available on the Golf Channel live.

Just be warned that while most streamers in the US can get YouTube TV, it’s technically not available everywhere yet. If you do happen to live in an area where it’s not available, we’d recommend going with our second choice, Hulu with Live TV.

YouTube TV DVR

Do you love all things golf but can’t seem to find time to watch every event from the European Tour? YouTube TV’s unlimited DVR has you covered.

Seriously, you can record as many golf events as you want without running out of space. Considering how long each tournament is, that’s a big deal.

You can also hang on to your recordings for nine months after they air (no other service lets you keep your recordings that long), so you could, theoretically, go back and rewatch the winning putt from this year’s Players Championship as many times as you want.

YouTube TV device compatibility

In general, YouTube TV isn’t available on as many devices as, say, Sling TV. But it’s available on Roku, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Android TV devices—to name a few.

You can also watch YouTube TV via your phone or tablet, so you can catch Morning Drive on the train to work.

#2 Hulu with Live TV: A solid runner-up

Great Choice

Limited Commercials

57+ Channels
Free Trial

What we like: Lots of local channels and on-demand content

Drawbacks: Confusing interface

Who it’s perfect for: Golf fans who also love classic ‘90s shows

Hulu with Live TV is a close runner-up to YouTube TV. It features 1080p resolution, a relatively smooth stream, and solid reliability.

We also love that you can watch so many shows on demand, including current shows, older shows (like Seinfeld), and Hulu originals like The Handmaid’s Tale.

That being said, Hulu Live’s DVR isn’t nearly as comprehensive as YouTube TV’s. And quite frankly, we hate Hulu’s interface. But if you prefer to watch the Masters live from Augusta National and are already familiar with the Hulu app, these drawbacks are pretty minor.

Hulu with Live TV pricing

Hulu Live packages start at $39.99 per month, so it’s not quite as cheap as Sling TV but about on par for most live TV streaming services.

Hulu Live offers just one set of channels, which includes the Golf Channel, so you don’t have to pay for tons of upgrades to get what you need (like you would with Sling TV). Hulu Live also offers tons of on-demand shows and movies that you can’t watch anywhere else. Bonus.

In the end, we think Hulu’s on-demand options alone make it worth the extra $5 per month.

Can you watch the Golf Channel online with Hulu Live?

Golf Channel on Hulu Live

Hulu with Live TV makes it easy to follow your favorite golfers on the PGA Tour. You can watch the Golf Channel live or catch select shows and events on demand after they air.

One drawback you have to look out for, though, is its interface.

The Hulu Live app is frustrating and a bit confusing, particularly if you’re not already a Hulu user. It’s hard to find your new shows, its live TV guide (such as it is) is hard to find, and it doesn’t properly designate which shows are on demand, live, or on your DVR.

Overall, it makes Hulu Live frustrating to use, even though it offers tons of valuable content.

Hulu with Live TV DVR

Hulu Live’s DVR is a bit like the course at Quail Hollow: it’s just a bit too difficult to use, but it’s working to get better.

Hulu Live packages automatically include 50 hours of recording space. That’s basically enough to record a couple of tournaments, but not much else.

You can upgrade to 200 hours of space, but it’ll cost you an extra $15 per month—steep considering fuboTV offers 500 hours for only $10 more per month.

We also don’t like that Hulu Live automatically deletes your oldest recordings to make room for new recordings. You could wind up missing yesterday’s coverage of the U.S. Open because there’s an all-day marathon of House Hunters today. Not cool.

Hulu Live device compatibility

Hulu with Live TV is compatible with all the most popular streaming devices, including the Apple TV 4K, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku devices. Get the full list here:

#3 Sling TV: The cheapest way to stream the Golf Channel

Also Great


44+ Channels
Have to sign up for the Sports Extra add-on along with the the Sling Blue package to get the Golf Channel.
Free Trial

What we like: Cheap Golf Channel access

Drawbacks: Limited channels and lackluster streaming

Who it’s perfect for: Cord-cutters who want only the Golf Channel

If you’re looking for the cheapest way to watch the Golf Channel’s coverage of the PGA and LPGA Tours, Sling TV is your best bet.

Sling TV is all about customization. The service offers lots of add-on channels and ultra-cheap base packages so you can get the right combo for your needs—without paying for things you don’t want.

While we like the personalized package possibilities, this strategy does make Sling TV a bit confusing. And ultimately, most users wind up paying more than they think they will.

Sling TV doesn’t have the best reputation for customer satisfaction, either.1 It tends to be glitchy, and its livestreams are often blurry and jumpy—not great when you’re trying to see the details of Rickie Fowler’s lie.

If none of those things are obstacles for you, though, Sling TV is a cost-efficient way to get the golf coverage you crave.

Sling TV pricing

To get the Golf Channel, you have to sign up for the Sling Blue package ($25 per month) plus the Sports Extra add-on ($10 per month). That makes for a grand total of $35 per month—minimum.

We emphasize “minimum” because Sling Blue doesn’t include a lot of channels the typical golf enthusiast might also want, specifically the ESPN channels. If you want those too, you’ll have to upgrade to the Sling Orange + Blue package, which is $40 per month before the Sports Extra add-on ($50 total).

Basically, if you want to watch anything other than live golf tournaments, Sling TV isn’t actually that good of a deal.

Streaming the Golf Channel on Sling TV

Golf Channel on Sling TV

Sling TV is the Tiger Woods of the streaming world. It gets a lot of hype, but when the pressure’s on, it doesn’t quite deliver.

When you try to watch the Golf Channel on Sling TV, the experience is usually less than pleasant. The service sometimes freezes up and becomes unresponsive, which is especially inconvenient if you’re in the middle of fast-forwarding or rewinding.

Now, we have successfully used Sling TV without any issues, but that was on a particularly fast, private internet connection.

So if you have fiber-optic internet and really want the Golf Channel for less than $40, Sling TV could still be a viable choice.

Sling TV DVR

Sling TV’s DVR is just okay.

Sling TV packages don’t include a DVR at all, so if you’re looking to record the latest episodes of Golf Central to watch later, you’re out of luck unless you pay extra.

Sling TV’s cloud DVR costs an additional $5 per month. Even then, you get only 50 hours of storage, so it’s unlikely you’ll be able to record much more than the most recent tournament coverage.

Sling TV device compatibility

One thing Sling TV does really well is device compatibility. In fact, Sling TV is available on more devices than any other streaming service.

Here’s the complete breakdown of Sling TV’s compatible devices:

Don’t get the yips now

Cable sucks, but luckily there are options for watching the Golf Channel online. You can start streaming men’s golf by signing up for any of the services we’ve mentioned above.

Want more information first? We keep you out of the bunkers. Check out our in-depth reviews of YouTube TV, Hulu Live, Sling TV, and all the other streaming services to get full channel lists, local channel information, and more.

Happy streaming!


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