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Freeform Live Stream: How to Watch Freeform Online without Cable

Best Streaming Providers for Freeform



Live a Little

DIRECTV NOW offers loads of great channels for an overall cheap price. Channel flippers will love this one.
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Sling TV offers small channel packages so the price you pay is much cheaper. Perfect for budget buyers.
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Access Package

PlayStation Vue offers top-notch streaming quality, lots of channels to choose from, and unlimited cloud DVR.
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Did you hear the news? ABC Family, a network brand that is easily associated with the Disney Kingdom and the wholesomeness that is implied, has changed their name to Freeform. In spite of the network still being home to the 700 Club, the original programming has been diverging from the image that many people have of what a Family cable network should be. So it makes perfect sense that Freeform is the new identity for this edgy network geared toward teenagers and young 20-something millennials. Want to watch Freeform online? Let’s learn how…

The old network with a new name is working hard to ensure that their flagship programming, like Pretty Little LiarsSwitched At Birth, and Guilt will still be recognized in relationship to the new branding. So how can you make sure you don’t miss old favorites and new hits? In the guide below, you’ll learn how to enjoy Freeform live stream from home, even if you don’t have cable. Here are the best methods to watch Freeform online:


DIRECTV NOW Makes it Easy to Watch Freeform Online

Best Choice
$40 - $75
64 - 99

There are a few ways to watch Freeform online and one of those ways is with DIRECTV NOW. DIRECTV NOW is a newer streaming service, similar to Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. On the plus side, you get a guide that looks remarkably like cable and you won’t have any annoying mobile restrictions to deal with. On the negative side, prices start at $35, making it more expensive than Sling TV. Packages are similar to Sling TV, though you have the chance to end up with over 100 channels. You can also add HBO or Cinemax for only $5 a month for one, $10 for both. You can watch DIRECTV NOW on computers, cell phones, Amazon Fire TV, and Apple TV.

Before you pay anything, make sure to sign up for your free trial! You’ll get a full seven days for free until payments begin. Love the service? Prepay for a few months to get free streaming devices like the Amazon Fire TV stick or an Apple TV. Check out our full review for more information.


Watch Freeform Online with Sling TV

$25 - $40
26 - 58

Our favorite cable cutting tool is still Sling TV. The service, from Dish Network, allows its subscribers to watch not only Freeform but a variety of other cable networks without having a cable subscription. These offerings include favorites like AMC, for The Walking Dead, and ESPN to satisfy your need for sports. There are over 25 networks on the basic package and for only a few extra dollars a month, you can even keep up with HBO and Game of Thrones. Read more in our full review of Sling TV.

With Sling TV, you can watch Freeform on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One and more. You can also watch on your computer or with iOS or Android devices like tablets and phones. That means not only will you get this great programming at home for less than the cost of cable but you’ll even be able to access the Freeform live stream and more while you’re on the go.

Sling TV is only $20 per month and there is no contract, so you have the freedom to cancel at any time. You’ll get a monthly bill and for as long as you’re willing, you can watch the best cable has to offer without feeling tied down. Right now, Sling TV is offering a free Roku device when you buy 3 months of Sling TV. Roku has some amazing features including voice search and a headphone jack so you don’t disturb everyone in your house while you’re watching your favorite Freeform shows!

T-Mobile customers — have we got a deal for you! Sling TV and T-Mobile has joined forces to offer Sling TV’s Best of Live TV package for just $14 per month for up to 12 months. Enjoy all that Sling TV has to offer without worrying about going over on your data, and cancel at anytime without any additional fees.

Try a FREE 7-day trial of Sling TV today!


Which ABC Family Shows Are On Freeform?

When you get Sling TV you’ll have access to the complete catalog of Freeform shows. Are you concerned that some of your favorites may not have made the transition? Good news, you can rest easy, knowing that all your favorite shows will be waiting for you. Pretty Little Liars, Switched at Birth, Monica the Medium, Young and Hungry, Kevin from Work, and The Fosters are all remaining on the air under the new Freeform brand. And, they’ll even be producing new programming including Shadowhunters and Recovery Road, which are destined to become hits. You can also watch Christmas movies online throughout the holiday season with the channel’s famous 25 Days of Christmas celebration.

You can watch all of these with live streaming or on demand. And older favorites like Melissa and Joey and The Nine Lives of Chloe King can be found in the archives as well.

And we look forward to the continuation of popular events like the 13 Nights of Halloween and the 25 Days of Christmas, plus so much more! Learn more about upcoming shows at the official Freeform website.


Watch Freeform Live Stream with PlayStation Vue

Also Great
$44.99 - $79.99
47 - 72

PlayStation Vue is another easy way to watch Freeform shows online. For $30 a month, you can subscribe to their basic package which nets you 50+ channels, including Freeform. With Vue, you can watch Freeform on Roku, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, PS3/PS4, etc.

PlayStation Vue is also a no-contract service, which is great news. But while it is like Sling TV in many ways, there are some differences. It’s a bit more expensive than Sling TV, but is still a good deal for most folks when compared to cable TV. Perhaps more importantly, Vue has some mobile streaming restrictions that can block you from watching live TV on your phone or tablet if you’re not on your home internet connection. Check our PS Vue review for details.


Watch Freeform Online with Hulu

Also Great
$39.99 - $43.99

Hulu.com, not Hulu Plus, will also allow access to many of Freeform’s shows online. However, it will be important to note that some programming will require authentication from a cable provider. You’ll be able to tell if the show or episode requires you to log in if a lock icon appears on the episode you want to watch.

If you don’t subscribe to a TV provider, Hulu.com allows you to watch most shows eight days after their original air date. Some programming may be available to Hulu Plus subscribers the day after they air. Check our Hulu review for more details.


How To Watch Other TV Shows Online

So, now you know how to watch a Freeform live stream of your favorite Freeform shows, but what about all the other shows you follow? We’ve got you covered – just go to our search tool to find out how to watch any TV show online.


Top Shows on Freeform

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